American Horror Story

Who's ready for a new Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk show? No? Well, there is one, and it premieres this Wednesday on FX.

Reviews that I've read range from cautiously optimistic to horrified - and not in the way intended - on screen, although there doesn't seem to be anyone sitting on the fence, meaning you're likely to either love it or hate it.

It stars Connie Britton (WOO) and Dylan McDermott (er), with a wide-ranging supporting cast including Jessica Lange, Dennis O'Hare, Taissa Farmiga, and Frances Conroy.

I suspect suspending all logic may come in handy for the pilot - if you're going to buy into a haunted house series you have to buy into the very basic fact that the family doesn't immediately leave the house.

FX would love to have a major water-cooler show, and I suspect pretty big premiere numbers (by basic cable standards), but I'm not sure it can last in the long-term.

Here's a short trailer:

Anyone else excited to watch, whether they love or hate it?
I'm surprisingly excited about this. I will say that Ryan Murphey makes really great 1st seasons. After this it gets kinda hit-or-miss. I loved Nip/Tuck. So I have high hopes.


Yes, this looks really good, saw a lot of ads for it when I was in the US. It starts here soon too as it's being 'teased' on FX.
Did anyone else watch?

I think it has potential. Honestly, I don't understand the critics who question why the family doesn't leave immediately in the pilot, as I didn't think anything happened (except the sequence in the basement with the daughter, Violet) that would warrant them moving the minute they've finished unpacking.

Connie Britton is a television rockstar. Seriously, there's just something about the way she acts that I find massively appealing, and she looked hot throughout the pilot. She definitely provides the show the necessary gravitas it needs in comparison to Jessica Lange's festival of camp that breezes through every ten or fifteen minutes, and Dylan McDermott's perpetually deer-in-headlights acting. I wish someone like Dominic West had been cast in the role, but c'est la vie.

I thought the scariest part was the flashback of Dennis O'Hare burning the house, although there were other scenes that were edited to great effect and had a bit of scare to them.

I'm definitely in for another episode, if not the season.
Dominic West is an awful actor! I will never understand how he gets so much work. I didn't mind Dylan McDermott in this, I thought he played the role of the narcissistic husband who wants to do right by his family but can't quite bring himself to very well. Obviously Jessica Lange was an absolute standout though. Love the way she kept waltzing into the house uninvited. Overall it was a great pilot, full of absolute insanity and a ton of batshit characters with crazy issues. I loved it.
I was really surprised by this! The pilot surpassed my expectations. To be fair, they were pretty low to begin with but I thought the pilot was good and I think the series has a lot of potential.

Connie Britton can do no wrong and Dylan McDermott, while not my favorite actor, looked hot as ever, haha. I thought overall he did a good job actually but if we are talking dream casting, I would have loved Dermot Mulroney.

I was weary that the first episode would be mainly boring set up and none of the good stuff but I found myself absolutely content at the end of the episode and at the same really anticipating episode two.

So all in all, I will for sure be watching the season and would definitely recommend watching the pilot.
I loved absolutely everything with the exception of the constant music/sound effects from Insidious, the exact same music, blasphemy, that and the fact it wasn't particularly scary (yet anyway) Aside from that I was gutted when the episode finished, so bring on the next one!
Fucked up show.
Sorta liked it because it's different from everything else on TV.

It's Ryan Murphy though so this will get absolutely awful in exactly 3 to 10 episodes.
He's good with ideas, not with the execution of them.
This show.
It's too much.

Beyond awful and ridiculous but because it goes so far and beyond it's amazing again in a 'I can't believe they greenlit this mumbo jumbo ridiculousness.'

I laughed SO hard when the handicapped girl was locked in a cupboard full of mirrors.
Yeah, I feel that the whole show is SO bold and out there and over-the-top BUT FUN!

I know we'll never get satisfying answers to any "mysteries" and I don't give a fuck. It's more about scenes and atmosphere anyway.

The opening scene totally caught me off guard too. You'd think they'd slowly built tension BUT NO!

With the fast pace they're going they'll run out of fun scenes and imagery soon though and since that's what makes this awful show fun...meh.
This is the only new show I'm thinking of picking up. I hope it stays good.

I want to know what the psycho, neighbor, and housecleaner want.

And that crawly demon teeth-y baby creeps me OUT.
So now we definitely know they're all spirits that are bound to the house by their deaths.

I wonder how they'll go from here.
If they're just going to keep introducing people who died there or make it interesting and build other mysteries.
If you had to describe this show in one word: clusterfuck.

It doesn't help the actors are all on different pages. Taissa Farmiga is unable to add even an ounce of subtlety to her scenes, and frankly, I just don't buy her as their daughter. The family doesn't feel like a family, although Connie Britton is clearly trying to provide some grounding for the audience.

I'll keep watching because I want to know how it's all going to unravel, but I hope the actors settle in and let things flow a little more naturally.


I've seen the first three episodes of this in the past couple of days. It's amazingly greatawful. At least it's not going for Paranormal Activity 'realism' but it's probably going too far into batshit to be taken remotely seriously. At the same time it's not quite got the Twin Peaks balance of absurdity and cool right either. But I'm hooked.

I always find it funny that FX can show a series with (for example) a woman tied up getting stabbed repeatedly in the back, people saying shit, cock, pussy, showing men's bottoms, a woman having sex with a man in a gimp suit etc, a woman wagging her knicker-clad arse in the air begging to be fucked, but can't show a female breast. It's hilarious.

It's a crime that Frances Conroy only gets a "guest starring" credit each episode.

Taissa Farmiga, I was surprised to find, is Vera's sister as opposed to her daughter. They look so alike.

I'm going to have to avoid the thread now in case of spoilers as the US is 5 episodes ahead!
truman said:
I can't believe they put Connie in the looney bin.
Poor woman.
What a bitch daughter.


I've missed the last couple of episodes but, again, WHAT.

Also, 'greatawful' and 'clusterfuck' are a couple of words I've seen in this thread that perfectly describe this show.