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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I enjoyed the season as a whole. I got to the end of Episode Three and thought about giving up - another hour of Sarah Paulson hysterically crying and I'd have probably smashed my face into the TV - but it got progressively better. AHS is always too on the nose, always obvious, consistently balancing on the tightrope that stretches over the gulfs of plot holes but that's also sort of its charm. I liked Cult for what it was.

    The revenge dinner was easily the best scene of the season.
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  2. It was definitely a season of highs and lows. Episode 4 made me think we were in for an absolutely classic season and it held that for a few episodes until Lena Dunham came and ruined it. After that point the plot became messy and it lost complete track of what it was doing. I actually thought it pulled it back for the finale which was character driven more than the last few episodes had been. Worse than Roanoke but much better than Hotel and Coven (probably even Freakshow).
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  3. It was certainly better than previous seasons but what I loved about it was the whole clown faces and the radioactive looking truck that was going about. They should have run with that storyline instead of shoehorning flashback scenes with fucking Lena 'fake feminist' Dunham.
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  4. Agree with everything, but above all this season has made me realise Freakshow was actually pretty great. It just wasn't as good as the seasons before. For me Hotel was style over substance and Cult was just an inconsistent mess.

    But Evan has replaced Jessica as the star of this show and I hope he's the centre of the next season as well. He is one of the best actors on TV and I'll keep saying it!
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  5. Kai was a truly awful and unbearable central character though, the worst of any season, and only worked when he was used as a foil for Ally, Beverly and that one scene with Frances Conroy. The Nasty Woman moment almost made it worth while, but not really.
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  6. I did watch until the end but I'm kind of glad it's over. I feel like if Ryan fucks up next year I'm done with AHS.
  7. It was probably the worst season ever, even worse than Hotel, capitalizing on everything bad about Ryan Murphy, from dubious narrative solutions to going over the top about every aspect of the show yet not conveying anything remotely sensible. The actors are still amazing (Evan and Francis especially), but they haven't been given enough quality material to work with.
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  8. Mad how Charles Manson is dead after just being portrayed last week.
  9. That’s how bad this season was.
  10. Sometimes I think Ryan Murphy starts with an idea for an amazing scene and then clunkily works backwards and creates story and characters from there. It explains why there are some amazing scenes or set pieces but everything else stinks.

    It's like starting with a catchphrase and then building a comedy skit around it. Doesn't work.
  11. I can't even put into words what garbage the final episode was. I don't expect realism from American Horror Story or even Ryan Murphy, but this entire season-long arc and set of characters were so internally inconsistent with their characterisation, their goals, their motivations that nothing had any impact and nothing made a whole lot of sense. Without any real horror or humour to offset this, you're left with a total trainwreck of a season.
  12. I understand the criticisms against coven but I find that its a much better watch the second time around, knowing what you're getting into. Yeah it's messy as hell and every time Ryan Murphy tries to tackle anything dealing with race it's a disaster, but its campy fun and ridiculous in a way that I found to be way more enjoyable than the ridiculousness of Cult.

    In someone else's hands it would've made a fantastic spinoff. The centuries long beef between the black and white witches would've been really interesting to explore and Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau was incredible. I hope she's back next season.
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  13. Wait Evan Peters shaved his head in this? Maybe I quit too soon. . .
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  14. Okay, they have to stop trying to make Evan Peters a (hot) thing because it's working.
    This started out as the most solid of all seasons, and then spiraled to hell faster than any other, so, yeah. Same thread, next year.

    edit: Asylum, Freakshow (even though I can accept that it was pretty tiring), and Roanoke (if we pretend it ended right after the original story arc - the rest was just not as good) are the only things I think were actually worth watching out of all seasons, but Murder House and Hotel were okay too. Coven had the right ingredients, but unless you are interested in what it specifically has to offer in terms of themes (witches getting killed because of how they use their magic) there really is nothing about the execution to make it compelling enough to sit through.
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  15. Even though they scare me more than anything else, I would kinda like the next series to explore alien abductions.
  16. That would be perfect, with the creepy tone of ‘The Forth Kind’
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  17. I like that theme in theory, but it's Ryan Murphy and AHS we'll talking about. It'd turn into this before the first third of the season:

  18. I still really hope they do the rumoured Murder House/Coven season.
  19. Are you sure you want your memory of these two seasons ruined?
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  20. I honestly hope this never happens. I just don't have faith that they'll do justice to any characters from Murder House, and I'd have no interest at all unless Connie Britton and Jessica Lange are the leads. I just can't see them competently pulling it off.
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