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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Just give us incredible Francis Conroy reprising her role as Myrtle Snow and all will be fine with the world.
  2. If It's set in the future most of Coven's characters are dead. I'd love Leslie Grossman to play Madison's Mother.
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  3. I need new Emma Roberts. I love her bitchy characters.
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  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  5. Coven was a damn mess, and is in the lower rankings of the seasons because of this but the characters were GOLD, so I’m here for a return.
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  6. Madison Montgomery is returning to our TV screens. Surprise bitch.
  7. I know I’ve bitched in here before about it but I really really really hated Madison’s characterization on Coven
  8. Can you recap/link? I’m interested to read your take!
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  9. Honestly it’s just that everything about her - and Coven in general - after a certain point felt like a competition between the writers for who could make the most #sassy gif-worthy moment to appeal to Tumblr gays, rather than actual development of the character(s). You could make the argument that it was meant to be campy, of course (AHS in general always has had that element/undertone) but it got so excessive after about midway through the season that it wasn’t even fun, just obnoxious.
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  10. Murphy and co basically sit down every year, get an idea for a plot for the season, and from that idea they manage to map out like 3 or 4 episodes max. Then they write each episode as they go along and completely lose track of everything. I mean most years it seems like half the season has aired and they haven’t even written the finale yet.
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  11. You’d think I would have caught on by now but inevitably every year since 2013 the same thing happens and I fall for it every time! I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.
  12. I liked Coven. A LOT. Hope Misty Day is back. And i'd love if they could somehow bring back Jessica Lange
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  13. I hope we have Taissa back. Loved her witchy Rogue from X-Men character.
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  14. Get Misty Day out of that HELL
  15. Coven is by far my favourite season of AHS.
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  16. Every now and then I think about this and feel so sad. She did not deserve this.
  17. Yes, Misty's fate was unfortunate, especially since they kept Zoe who was such a pointless and terrible character.

    Coven had the ideas, (Necromancy, Voodoo, Religious integralist and whatsoever) and completely ended up being a fanservice series (who cares about Kit and Zoe and Madison) and became a teen drama version of The Craft basically.

    For instance they could have used the whole Ramsey family to some great extent (and Murphy hinted that both Patti and Lily Rabe's character were supposed to have way much bigger roles and become more threatening), same with Lalaurie versus Fiona, especially since the folklore around witches is extremely wide and there is a lot of to take (I presume so, I am not american, but I am sure that there is a lot of myths and legends around it).
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  18. I'm lowkey sort of upset that Kai never tried his "male empowerment" sociopathic bullshit on his cult boys and that we never got a massive straight guy orgy on Cult.
  19. Maybe in this season, they could rescue Misty Day from hell and put Zoe there instead.
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  20. As long as Evan Peters gets his arse out I DON’T CARE.
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