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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Fixed it for you.
  2. I watched the pilot of this and it was awful, no doubt ill still end up watching the rest of the series.
  3. It's supposed to be awful.
  4. The pilot went absolutely nowhere, but it has picked up. I do wonder if I'm only watching it for the 'horror' and Jessica Lange.
  5. One of my favourite shows right now, I do agree about the daughter though, annoying.

    Adelaide was killed off too soon, I hope we see more of her as the series goes on.
  6. I'm assuming Adelaide will be back, she was amazing. I think her absence is just for a few episodes to make her death have a little meaning, if she would just appear instantly as a ghost of the house her death wouldn't really matter.
  7. She won't be coming back as a ghost. Remember the episode with the medium? She had said Adelaide thanked Constance for not bringing her the property before she died because she didn't want to be stuck with Tate for eternity.
  8. It's still all over the map, and yet, I find it compulsively watchable.

    The big question right now is whether or not Violet is actually dead, resulting from her suicide attempt a few weeks ago. The biggest clue is she hasn't left the property since that scene (I was dying for Violet and Vivien to drive away during the last episode!), but I'm willing to bet Murphy and Falchuk will do everything to convince us Violet is dead and then in typical Murphy fashion, there will be a big "She's actually alive!" reveal.

    I'm interested to see how they will possibly justify bringing Vivien back to the house.
  9. Maybe Addy will be in flashbacks then, i'm sure she's listed in an upcoming episode on imdb (not that it's always reliable) in an episode that delves into Constances history.
    I can't believe they would get rid of such an amazing character so quickly.
  10. Yeah I'm struggling to decide if she is dead or not... there are clues but like you say, could be red herrings!
  11. "Congratulations, Dr. Harmon, you're finally beginning to see things as they are."

    Next week looks awesome!
  12. Dear God, Ben is the most unlikeable character ever. What a disgusting pig.
    The new episode was great ! I love the silly Black Dahlia subplot. Jessica Lange continues to be amazing.
  13. Agreed! She was a great addition to the show.

    Jessica Lange really makes this show doesn't she? amazing!
  14. I'm ashamed at how quickly I've got hooked on this show. I did want to watch it when it first aired but never got round to it - I just watched the nine aired episodes in the space of a day, because who needs sleep?

    Words cannot describe how fierce Jessica Lange is in this. Perfection!
  15. Just watched last night's episode and I think it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. I wanted more Connie this episode though! But good to know she'll be out of the institution soon. How will they get her back to the house though? She seems dead set on not returning so it'll be interesting to see how she goes back.

    And sad that we are probably not going to get anymore Denis O'Hare.
  16. Great scene of Violet trying to escape the house and learning that she couldn't, it was a nice way to provide an important answer!

    Based on the previews for next week, it looks like Connie goes into labor and is forced into the house.

    I really hope there's some trick in the house that allows Violet to "move on" and the Harmons escape unscathed, relatively speaking.
  17. Yeah Violet's scene was really really good. The whole episode was great, so many things happening ! Violet ! Ben ! Larry's family !! I would like to see them again but I don't think so, too bad.
    Oh and why isn't Constance husband a ghost too? He died in the house but I don't recall seeing him in any episode (except for the flashback scene). Oh well, maybe he'll appear later.
  18. Constance's husband appeared once with Hayden - they had sex and then she stabbed him, but like a minute later her got up to go make a sandwich. Only on this show. . .
  19. The new episode was a kicker! Violet's "condition" was unexpected.

    I loathe her and Tate and want them both to fuck off.

    Constance, Vivienne and Moira (Maura) are the only characters I like - Constance being consistently amazing.

    I just hope Hayden stays away, it was so nice having an episode without her.
  20. Violet and Hayden are the characters I hate the most.

    An episode without them both would be great.
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