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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. A fucking mess when this turns into what zany plot with light historical connotations can we shoehorn the same witches into.
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  2. Does he mean the actresses or the characters?
  3. I have literally zero interest in ever seeing any of them again after Apocalypse.
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  4. Can't wait to see the witches referencing stuff from the past which they shouldn't technically remember after the time travelling subplot.
  5. I mean, I am here for a Coven spin off.

    But another Apocalypse? No thanks.
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  6. A Coven spinoff would be even worse than a season of AHS. He can't figure out to do with the characters for one season, much less an entire series.
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  7. kal


    Sigh. People liked the Coven spin-off so let’s burn that goodwill to the ground by not knowing when to leave it.

    Ryan just needs to NOT.
  8. I could watch a whole season of them walking in slow motion with their theme song playing over it and I'd be good, though.
  9. Honestly? I ain’t mad! I thoroughly enjoyed Apocalypse so bring me more of that for a future season that features our witches and I’d be very content.
  10. Y'all... If you don't like where this is going, you don't have to watch it.

    I enjoyed some episodes of Apocalypse, because I've put my brain at ease and I stopped expecting a cohesive timeline and/or everything to be interesting 100% of the time.
  11. I'm going to wait until the description for the next season is teased before I completely checkout of this show. Especially as Channel Zero is insanely better.
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  12. We know that. It also doesn't mean that we can't be annoyed that a once great show that we invested a lot of time in keeps making the same mistakes over and over and has turned to shit.
  13. That’s understandable but this is about to be the, what, third season you haven’t enjoyed? I think it’s fair to stick around another season after disliking one particular iteration, but after successive seasons of not enjoying it there has to come a point where you either let go or accept a show for what it is.
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  14. I think AHS is different that it can effectively reinvent itself each season, so it's always worth checking back each year, but it's also frustrating that the same issues plague the show every time, eventually.
  15. I quite liked Roanoke, which reignited my enjoyment after the atrocious Hotel (which also actually at least had parts that I enjoyed). The beauty of this show is that they have the opportunity to restart and make things better each season. But yea, the last two have been absolute shit. I still adore much of the cast and like Murphy. I pretty much hate-watched this season, but that doesn't mean I'll stop wanting better for the cast.
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  16. The only reinvention is in its theme though; the same tropes have been in place since Season 1. While there are certain aspects that have been executed to varying degrees of success since, the only real outlier has been Roanoke. It’s the same producers, the same writers, hell even the same actors. Nothing drastic is going to change 8+ seasons into a show’s lifespan.
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  17. The writers and directors have actually changed fairly frequently, to varying degrees. And in terms of the cast... the season 7 cast hardly resembled the season 1 cast at all aside from literally Sarah and Evan. Tonally I'd say things are also very different from when the show started.
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  18. I guess the better term would have been recycled rather than the same in this case. I agree that the tone is far different, which was my initial point; it’s not going to go backwards and become an amplified Season 1 or 2 when they’ve already blown up the aspects they think people like.
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  19. Alright so what do we think next season will be?
  20. Fucking THANK YOU.

    I do not understand why someone would hate-watch something just to nag about it.
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