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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. AHS is very unique in that while it has descended into garbage, it is still very watchable and easy viewing. There is usually also enough charm and promise in the early episodes to draw you back in.
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  2. The Stockholm Syndrome is real and I am unequivocally here for it.
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  3. I genuinely just...enjoy the ridiculousness of it? And it’s typically gorgeous to watch as well. Like, the scene in the Apocalypse finale where Billy Eichner’s character emerges out of nowhere and stabs Mallory was just...peak AHS for me. Tense and beautiful with characters being torn from their happy ending. It’s enough for me that it always subverts my expectations and while that’s left me unsatisfied immediately following certain episodes or seasons I nearly always reflect on it and find myself satisfied with the season in a way no other show gives me, plot holes and all.
  4. Well i enjoyed Apocalypse probably a lot more than i should (allthough i know its flaws) so im happy for more witches in the future.

    To be fair Coven is the season with the most flexible cast (because magic can do or undo a lot) and the one with the most alive crew: Cordelia, Zoey, Queenie, Misty and if necessary Myrtle, Madison, Nan, Marie Laveau. Now also including Mallory and Coco. Thats a lot more than any other AHS season ever had at the end of the last episode. And they're likeable. No surprise they want to keep them around for more than just small links between seasons
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  5. I am so confused as to why Emma Roberts was standing in a museum where Sealboy was in a jar of water but it turns out she dies before Sealboy does?
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  6. I enjoyed apocalypse, I thought it felt rush though. I would like it to focus more on the horror though next season - the writers should watch Haunting of Hill House. That’s the standard of what AHS should be aiming for.

    Also, would love Angela Bassett back, i LOVE her!!!!
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