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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. What about those of us who have been dragging it since season 3, tho?
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  2. 1984... Big Brother... #SAVEBBUK...

  3. The only bad season for me was last year (can't even remember what it was called). I'm so here for 80s slasher themes.

    Edit: Oh yes, Apocalypse. That title seems completely irrelevant to what I remember from the season.
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  4. I managed one episode of Cult and avoided Apocalypse entirely but I did really enjoy Roanoke so...just because I love a slasher moment, I'll give this one a go. But I expect to be disappointed.
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  5. I wouldn't rewatch Cult but I also wouldn't say it was straight up bad. Roanoke was honestly my favourite season which is why I'm hesitant to write this show off based on one alright season and one dud.
  6. There better be some awesome chase scenes before the usual descent into this-will-do quality
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  7. You’re part of the furniture now sis.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Oh come on, this is going to be set in 2019 and be about someone making a retro slasher film and the set is haunted and the actor killer is a real killer and Kathy Bates is his mum and Sarah Paulson is the icy head of the film studio and then the rubber body suit man will be the costume designer and we’ll hate it by episode two but not stop watching and Asylum will still be the best season.
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  9. I wasn't hyped at all for this season, I think I'm still trying to get my head around the mess that was Apocalypse, but I have to say I like the idea of that theme so far (or at least what the name/trailer suggests). The thing I find with AHS is that even when it's not particularly that good it always makes for an enjoyable watch.
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  10. Roanoke and Cult were good. Apocalypse was appalling.

    I’m hoping this goes full-on slasher, but I’m fully expecting it to go to shit.
  11. Apocalypse was the first season I just flat out didn't watch anymore after the 2nd episode. I'd watched all the others as they aired.

    I'll give this one a shot because I enjoy the slasher elements of Roanoke. Hopefully they don't try and lump other season shit into this one
  12. kal


    It's not aliens so my hopes are set appropriately low.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Surprised it seems to be slasher-focused when they've recently vaguely hinted at Scream Queens returning but I hope it's messily enjoyable anyway.

    That scene could be from a movie-within-a-TV-show of course...
  14. Apocalypse was unnecessarily messy. Had they sequenced things appropriately I think it would have held together better. As a viewer it felt like we were anticipating something that just never came.

    There are aspects of every season I'd change but Freakshow and Hotel are the only ones that are faulty down to their bones for me. I anticipate another season of four to five excellent episodes and three to four absolute stinkers.
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  15. Cut to: the ‘Summer Camp’ is actually an Alien reality show tormenting the witches from ‘Coven’ who have their minds wipes except Sarah Paulson who instead has multiple personality disorder and slips in and out of every character she’s ever played on the show while the killer is the brother of twisty the clown out for revenge and Lady Gaga saves the day by throwing twigs dressed up like Madonna throughout her different eras only for the twist that nothing shown is real as all the characters are insane and in the asylum from ‘Asylum’ before Emma Roberts dies because the Murder House from ‘Murder House’ falls from the sky and kills her.

    *Chefs kiss*
  16. You never know. I wouldn't put it past Ryan to throw in an alien sub-plot that gets forgotten about around episode 5 and never gets mentioned again.
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  17. A slasher season? The only thing getting slashed will be the quality from episode 1 onwards.

    Yes I will probably still watch the whole season.
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  18. Take a shot every time a butt shot, pop culture reference is made or Sarah Paulson yells this season.
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  19. As one poster said here in some of the earlier posts - TALK ABSOLUTE SHITE ALL YOU/WE WANT, but we will all be here when the first episode premieres.
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  20. It's a fucking shit show but I'll be right here screaming for more.
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