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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I have a soft spot for AHS as it was one of the first shows that I got to work closely with FX for. I was part of some press events during seasons 3-5 and got to speak with Angela, Kathy, Denis, Finn, and a few of the directors. It was such an amazing experience and I genuinely loved the show for the first 4 seasons (even when Coven was shit, it was super fun). I know I'll keep giving it a try, particularly because the talent surrounding it is SO immense. I just really struggle to figure out how things got as bad as Cult / Apocalypse. It feels a bit like everyone aside from the set and costume designers have just given up.
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  2. Apocalypse was, like, the best season. Followed shortly by Asylum.
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  3. Hmmmm, the sequencing with Apocalypse majorly ruined it. There were full on sparks of brilliance that kept me watching it but they were more often drowned out by silly and pointless writing choices.
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  4. The IT guys.............. Why?
  5. Most of the seasons I don't love, I could still find stuff to appreciate. Apocalypse had no redeeming qualities to me, aside from Jessica Lange's performance. Pretty much the entire season felt like a parody; having actors play multiple characters for no reason, wasting talent like Kathy fucking Bates, introducing countless characters/storylines that had nothing to do with the "plot", totally abandoning horror/drama in favor of awful attempts at comedy. There were no interesting or sympathetic characters, no story arcs, just a bunch of random ideas thrown together. The Silicon Valley bits with Evan and Billy contained some of the worst writing I've witnessed on a cable series in ages. I can't even think of anything that rivals how bad that was. The writing, in general, was about as subtle as a jackhammer. They resurrected characters like Misty and Queenie only to do nothing with them (Misty literally disappeared after 1 episode and Queenie was, again, unceremoniously killed off), ignored their own rules and logic when it came to magic, etc. It was just lazy, from start to finish.
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  6. As is the case with most Ryan Murphy shows, the first season is good, the 2nd season is great and then the quality takes a happened with Nip/Tuck (The Carver storyline was dumb as hell) and Glee (the main cast graduated and got bumped off to lamer storylines)

    Honestly, I'm somewhat impressed that AHS has even made it to S9. Maybe because the seasons aren't 22 episodes long.
  7. If this season doesn't feature Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson again (but wearing a fright wig) playing a trio of bitchy cheerleaders running away from a swamp-thing while George Michael's 'Freedom ('86)' plays then count me out.
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  8. I really enjoyed Apocalypse
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  9. Hasn't the 80's slasher flick throwback premise been done to death already? I was genuinely so excited at the thought it was going to be 1984 Big Brother! Bugger!
  10. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that was relevant to the plot as well. A bit of a random year, unless I'm being dumb here and unaware of why that year is iconic.
  11. Shaking things up with the cast could have been an exciting prospect... if the only two confirmed actors weren't Emma Roberts and Gus Kensworthy.
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    Clearly this is an indicator that they should bring back Scream Queens instead. Anyone left over from AHS can join Stranger Things and that way everyone is happy.
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  14. Equating Evan Peters with Sara Paulson is a gross insult towards Sarah, verging on a hate crime.

    Peters has to be the absolute least essential actor who has been there since Murder House (though it's not his fault he's been given a lot of crappy parts since Tate and Kit).
  15. Stranger Things?
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    Just for the whole 80s setting.
  17. Apparently they're not in this season either, kii
  18. As a fan of the show that's disappointing, but as a fan of both actors I'm glad for them considering how trash this show has been for years now ddd.
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  19. Sarah wailing for the past couple of seasons was iconic.
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