American Horror Story

Did straight guys really wear crop tops and mini-shorts in the 80's or is this a Ryan Murphy gay fantasy?
Real question I was born in the 90's.
I watched episode 3 and 4 of this on my flights this weekend because y'all were saying you enjoyed it and... I was right to have quit after episode 2. I can't figure out which is worse, the writing or the acting. The "twists" all boil down to 'X character is evil!' 'X character is evil too!' 'Also, X character is evil!' 'ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE EVIL!' and the acting is serving 8th-grade drama class. I howled at the exposition in episode 4 (and the fucking wig they put on Leslie for the flashback). Leslie, Billie, Cody, Gus, and Zach are all cringe-worthy here and it's particularly tough to watch because you can tell that they all think they're doing something with the dramatic scenes. Angelica Ross deserves better. I'm giving up on the season again and honestly unless they manage to get Bates, Conroy, Lange, and Paulson back next season, I doubt I'll give another season a try. There's just been way too many duds in a row.
Yeah my main gripe with this season is that everybody on it is a universally shit actor. Like unwatchably bad. At last in past season the bad acting was counterbalanced by Jessica Lange/Sarah Paulson/Angela Bassett/Frances Conroy (even Evan Peters was better than this lot)
I've finally caught up with this, and I'm enjoying it, but it's still trash. I don't think I'm here for whatever this ghost story is going to become. I feel the same about it in the same way I felt about the alien subplot in Asylum. I would say I'm willing to give it a chance, but this is AHS, so I don't want to give them too much energy.

As for the next season I don't know what I want, but I definitely would not want another Coven and that's coming from someone who once would have welcomed a spinoff. But Apocalypse was bad, and I couldn't see another revisit to that universe being any better.
Ryan calling Cult his favorite season? The lack of taste jumped the fuck out. It's kind of interesting reading his thoughts on each season/his favorite episodes, but the fact that he thinks the show can go on for 20 seasons and doesn't seem to realize that everything went to shit after Jessica left is... well, not all that surprising.
Billie Lourd stunned me with the depth of her performance, I always knew she was fantastic but this season she really showed me how deep and complicated she could be.