American Horror Story

If Sarah is never going to come back, Lily is the lead this show needs. Bring her back, keep Emma, Angelica, and maybe Cody....woo back Angela, Finn, and Dennis---find us another leading man that's not a white guy who can't act his way out of a paper bag, and we'll have ourselves a cast!---EDIT: And Frances Conroy!!!!!
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The latest episode - I thought, at least - was really good.

The first 10 minutes were EXACTLY what the show should have been - a great set-up (although pretty much copied from Friday the 13th), an excellent actress (Lily Rabe), some nudity, characters you actually care about in a short time and the camp setting.

When they went back to '89, you felt the shift in quality (although i didn't mind Donna and Brooke's Thelma-and-Louise-style banter/scenarios).

Who got nude?
That was my favourite episode so far. I've never seen Lily Rabe in anything else so I was looking forward to seeing her performance. I wasn’t disappointed. Lavinia was so awful, I felt bad for Mr Jingles. I liked Donna and Brooke's scenes too.
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I honestly don't know what's going on with the story and whatever that is left of the plot.

I don't even know why I'm watching. They really and honestly should've ended it at episode 5 and save the budget.

Lily Rabe's acting alone cannot save this show. Hollywood, get this woman cast as a lead on a show.
I was fucking ecstatic and surprised to see Lily Rabe! She knocked it out of the park as usual.

Her scenes were both horrible and heartbreaking to watch.

Lily Rabe is a very underrated actress. and should've gotten more bigger parts on this show. Or atleast star as the lead.

I'm one of the few who think Sarah Paulson is overrated. I'm over her. I'm still gonna check out the new Netflix show Ratched though. But not for her.
Lily Rabe is so underrated, she's such a great actress, loved her this episode, I hope she is more present in the next episodes
I thought this was a pretty solid episode and it would have been a better 100th episode to be honest. Overall while I'm not blow away by this season like I was with the first three seasons of AHS it has been consistently enjoyable. Like I would give every ep a B or a B-.

Also this look on Emma was serving me everything

Lamest episode ever!

And in a life imitates ‘art’, ‘art’ imitates life twist - Ryan Murphy has put as much thought into this as Margaret does with her plans ddddd