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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Thank god Cody has been cut. Couldn't stand Emma either. Culkin should be a hoot.
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  2. 83B466E6-DF10-4F76-8EEB-9DAAB4835E0F.jpeg
  3. Was the last season any good? I didn’t watch and as I like Sarah and Evan
  4. No.
  5. Yes
  6. Ugh I thought the casting announcement said Leslie Jordan and not Grossman.

  7. Kathy, Sarah, Lily and Evan and NO fucking Cody.

    Now can we just have forget 84 ever happened?
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  8. And the one prior. Mess.
  9. Cult, Apocalypse and 1984 all belong in the trash. Every other season, even those that weren't so great, had some redeeming qualities. I'll sample this one for the cast. I just really hope they dump some of their current writers and go for more of a drama/horror feel instead of the misguided satire/camp that has dominated the last few seasons. But I'm not expecting it to be any better... just hoping. Murphy has a great team of writers who do incredible work on Crime Story, Pose, etc. This cast (Kathy, Lily, Finn, Sarah) is too damn talented to be wasted on the type of writing this show has been getting the past few seasons.

    I'm genuinely confused about how anyone enjoyed 1984. It was laughably bad.
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  10. The cast and soundtrack have me perched a bitsy. Apocalypse and '84 were truly diabolical. I suppose Cult was the start of it becoming really shit, but in hindsight even that season was actually watchable.
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  11. Not around these parts but online I’ve seen a lot of the blame of the ending of Roanoke based on the fact that Lee was the one Survivor...I thought Adina did a phenomenal job with what she was given. She and Lily literally acted the first half of the season looking just at the camera and I believed every word they both said. She got more love for Cult though. WHEN they decide to revisit Coven again (we know it’ll happen) I want an Angela/Adina/Angelica voodoo trio (Adina not playing her Apocalypse character obviously.)
  12. No, it was a mess. They need to stop prioritising the hit and mostly miss quirky comedy over complex and exciting characters (think Lana Del Winters) a genuinely intriguing and thought out plot structure.

    I like her and think she can be really good but Leslie Grossman kind of symbolises to me when the show entered the 'point of no return' silliness stage, so seeing her name on the lineup strikes up fear.
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  13. The last season was fun if someone approached it with zero expectations, not a complete disaster, but definitely one of the worst seasons out there, Lily Rabe was truly a saving grace and pretty much proved that they need a better acting cast.

    Adina was actually very good on Roanoke, and I think that is one of the better season of the franchise actually, definitely waaay better than Hotel and the subsequent seasons, it all went well, bar the finale (but to be fair, I think AHS has always had some problems to wrap it up nicely, the first two seasons finale were ok though) that was such a shitty one, I just think they need to give her better roles, same goes for Kathy Bates.

    Is Frances Conroy on too? that would be a dream.
  14. Honestly and this sounds super simplistic but they need to write the whole season before they shoot it. It's so annoying when things just drop off or new storylines appear from nowhere based on how people feel about what's been shown already. Cohesion is a key missing ingredient.
  15. I think they never did, at least from Coven I am sure, maybe Asylum too, I remember Mary Eunice was meant to have a ''romantic'' scene with one of the Raspers which you can actually see from the trailer but I agree they really need to have at least a fully thought plot when they starts shooting
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  16. I would really like them to stop trying to link seasons with a previous one. It’s always a reach and totally messy. Just concentrate on the current story and let it be standalone.
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  17. At least it looks like they’re attempting to clean house and no more non-actors trying their hand at acting. We all know they’re being hired based on looks anyway. At least Adam Levine had his arms ripped off.
  18. Also, they just can't hack stretching anything to 9/10 episodes. Fox needs to cut them down to 6 pronto.
  19. It's that silliness stage that turned every season after Roanoke into a bad SNL skit.
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  20. I wish Billie and Leslie were benched this year. I like Billie in other roles but she's... never been good on AHS. Leslie is also at full camp all the time and will be so out of her depths alongside Kathy, Sarah, Finn, etc. I'd love it if they replaced whatever Leslie's part is with a new actress to the franchise (ie. GIVE IS US SARAH MICHELLE ALREADY!).

    They also better make Kathy a proper fucking lead this time. She is too much of a legend to be underused.
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