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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. In a twist... Season 10 begins filming THIS month, which is odd for them these days but better if it gives them more time to flesh things out episode wise. It’s probably because Sarah is filming 28583774293981 shows at the same time isn’t it?ddddddd
  2. Me and my boyfriend have only now begun watching Apocalypse and we're actually enjoying it for what it is. Not very good story-wise and full of plotholes, but we decided not to think about it too much and it's working, seaux...
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  3. dddd Ryan is literally going to be writing the scripts as he drives to set each day.
    It gets progressively worse each episode. Enjoy!
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Dddddd I quite enjoyed Apocalypse even though everybody here seems to despise it. Kathy Bates was iconic yet again![​IMG]
  6. Season 10 confirmed to be set in a beach community with supernatural elements.

    Come through AHS:Captain Birdseye!
  7. Apocalypse definitely had it's moments. It probably would have been better as a three part special to end the series, cutting out all the outpost/bunker crap and the tech guys. Not having the most mild mannered, none threatening actor you can think of playing the Antichrist probably would have improved it too.
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  8. Apocalypse was good. Way better than the last one and Roanoke.
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  9. I was really enjoying Apocalypse right up until the tech guys. One of the worst additions to a show I've ever seen.
  10. It was definitely the low point of the entire series. Including anything from '84. You have to wonder what was going on with the writers/producers and how the characters even left the writers room.
  11. I will always be a Roanoke apologist, I don't mind Apocalypse, but mainly because half of the cast was very likeable (the Coven cast obviously), because the storyline was all over the place and the return to Murder House was a nice addiction, also Cody Fern really was not the best choice for the character he was supposed to play.

    I think they tried to do something new with 1984, but it did not really work, also I think a different casting choice (the fact the episode with Lily Rabe was one of the best is quite telling, most of the actors they choose for this cast just did not have the range) would have made the season more bearable, also better written characters, because the Stalker for an instance was the epitome of cringe.
  12. Honey even they didn't know what to do with 1984 - you give Ryan and the writers too much credit. I'm sure they made all of it up as it went along.
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  13. Didn't they also have quite some problems during the shooting? not that they are new to just throw whatever into the plot because reasons, but I remember reading that this time around they had quite a messy schedule
  14. Most of the cast was awful on 1984, especially Billie, Emma and Guy.
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  15. They were apparently working some crew overtime and they were not getting paid. I remember it being something like that.
  16. I think I even liked Cult more than 1984, which is saying a lot.
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  17. Ryan said that season 10's theme was 'weather-dependant' so they're either going to have push it to next year and not do a season this year, or fast-track one of their other ideas to film this year (whenever filming restrictions end) and then go ahead with the original season 10 theme next year as season 11.

    Personally I hope they take the year off and focus on perfecting the scripts.
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  18. I low-key wouldn't mind a Paranormal Activity quarantine season.
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  19. Huh? Surely any filming issues are Covid related. Seems so weird to blame it on the weather.
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