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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. They halted production because of Covid, but whenever they resume (September or later at this point) won't work for the beach/seaside setting I guess?
  2. Oh I guess that makes sense. I forget they usually film weeks (days?) before airing.
  3. Yea, this year they were filming much earlier than usual. They were already in pre-production when Covid shut everything down. Days away from filming in Provincetown, apparently.
  4. This is genuinely a great idea.
  5. A new episodic spin-off is coming. This could be fun since they can't seem to make a decent full season dddd.

  6. Jessica Lange is there! He can do whatever show he wants with that woman on board and I'm ready.
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  7. The picture is fake nn. It was made by a fan account.

    He’s such a fucking troll. His caption could still be true I guess?
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  8. Without question.

    "Hey, let's flashback to another massacre at the camp 20 years before the first one...! Yeah I know nobody mentioning it until now would seem really weird, but still, won't that, like, fill up two whole episodes!? Does anyone else have a better idea?"


    "It's done! And no make up for Emma even though thirty years have passed."

    He's an abysmal writer when it comes to cohesion and continuity.
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  9. I'm already picturing the 'now Ryan Murphy can't even sustain a story for one episode' comments on here.
  10. I'm definitely here for that spin off idea, especially if they bring some iconic characters from past seasons back. That excites me much more than a regular season actually.

    Is it safe to assume season 10 was supposed to be a shipwrecked/desert island theme?
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  11. They should cancel the regular series and make this the only plan going forward. Self-contained episodes might be the best thing to ever happen to this series.
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  12. They couldn't make us care about any of the characters in 9 episodes of 1984, how will we care for them in one single episode?
  13. I would be here for an American Hammer House Of Horror Story style season of one offs...

    I haven’t made it through a full season since Roanoke.
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  14. Two things made official by FX today: "American Horror Stories" (episodic anthology) has been ordered to series and season 10 of American Horror Story has, not surprisingly, officially been delayed until 2021.
  15. I stopped after Roanoke as well. I'm not even sure how I lasted that long - none of the previous seasons managed to tell a coherent story. The Freak Show season in particular is just stone cold awful.

    In theory, the stand-alone episodes are a good idea, but recent history isn't encouraging; Black Mirror runs the full spectrum from amazing to awful, Electric Dreams was pretty average and what I saw of the revived Twilight Zone didn't impress me either.
  16. Channel Zero was an insanely better series. Such a shame this shitshow carries on while that one got cancelled.
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  17. At least now they have time to write his trash ass out.

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