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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Ranking

    1. Asylum
    2. Roanoke
    3. Murder House
    4. Cult
    5. Coven
    6. Freakshow
    7. 1984
    8. Hotel
    9. Apocalypse

    Aside from Hotel and Apocalypse, i feel like i enjoyed every one of them in the end.
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  2. I agree with that top 4. I haven't seen 1984 though.

    'Coven' and 'Freakshow' are good, but have some issues.

    'Hotel' has a solid setting and story, but is just too out of focus when it comes to the characters. It's an ensemble, but it doesn't manage to juggle them well. It constantly shifts the spotlight and, in the end, it's hard to care about anyone.

    On the other hand, 'Apocalypse' has a disjointed story. It should've kept its focus on the post-apocalyptic bunker and the robots. The witches and the Murder House didn't fit at all.
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  3. 1984 was just bloody awful. I think when Gus Kenworthy was announced as being a cast member we all knew it was gonna suck. I will say The Lady In White episode though was good, thanks to Lily Rabe.
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  4. I think it was trashy but it helped that it didnt claim to be anything else. I can accept that nn. Apocalypse and Hotel were more of a trainwreck.
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  5. I think I made it through 3 episodes of 1984 before giving up entirely. I checked in once or twice near the end of the season and screamed at how diabolically bad it was.
  6. Lily is a true saving grace. And deserves the respect and recognition.
  7. Frances Conroy still not getting her own lead season like Jessica is truly disgusting.
  8. It's utterly baffling. She could easily upstage Jessica and make a run for her money if given the chance, but knowing Ryan he never will. Except when she plays Myrtle Snow. Only then he adores her. *shrugs*
  9. 1984 is the first season I couldn't finish. It seemed like it was trying to go for the Roanoke halfway point twist but hadn't set the groundwork well enough nor given us the compelling characters to make it work. It didn't help that the casting felt the most gay fan servicey of any Murphy creation yet.
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  10. I mean, to think that Frances, Kathy, and Angela were right there, and instead we've gotten a season with Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy as leads instead of them...
  11. jtm


    Maybe they saw one of the latest seasons and declined.
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  12. I wouldn't blame them. It was a huge win to get Lily Rabe to come back and delivering a stellar performance while chewing the scenery with the likes of Angela, but she's busy on 9-1-1. (Her brief appearance in Apocalypse was an unexpected miracle) Frances and Kathy. They're all so underused and underappreciated.

    Have some respect, Ryan.
  13. I think Ryan just tried to elevate his male eye candy characters to give them more depth but sadly couldn’t make it happen with Gus (I think Cody Fern is an ok actor tbh) but literally no one is here for that, give us the icons, the queens, the women to stan! And then throw a few naked scenes with a hottie in it.
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  14. Cody Fern has unfortunately burned all bridges with Ryan. He expected to have a lot of screen time in 1984 and when he found out that his part wasn't going to be as large like Apocalypse, he apparently started acting like a diva during production and that's why he appeared less and less as the season went on.
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  15. I will never not believe that the roles that Wes Bentley and Chloe Sevigny played were intended for Dylan McDermott and Lily Rabe and THAT would've made that season 100 times better.
    Bentley was horrible in the role and made Chloe's job even harder.
    The rest of the cast/story I LOVE.

    My hope for the show is a season that doesn't contain ghosts, time loops or serial killers.

    I'm still in disbelief that they haven't tackled the Point Pleasant/Mothman story which would make great use of the multi generational cast and provide something completely different to what the show has done before.
  16. I would love the show to take itself seriously again. This is my problem with all things Ryan Murphy related. I like the show as a trashy, not deep entertainment but the potential is there. So it sucks to see that Ryan forcing everything to become "iconic".
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  17. Have you got receipts of this? I haven't seen this anywhere at all. Cody is amazing.
  18. Cody was brilliant in American Crime Story but he was pretty much the least believable Anti-Christ Ryan could have cast.
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  19. I think the only seasons that got the balance PERFECT were 1 & 2. 3 started to slide further into camp/absurdity, but it was still full of great performances and fun twists. By season 4 it was getting induldgent (the forced modern musical numbers) and after that it went off the rails. But it's gotten particularly bad from Cult onwards; it feels more like they're writing a cheesy comedy than a drama/horror series. The gradual tonal shift is incredibly weird considering how widely celebrated the early seasons are.
  20. I'd rank them:
    1. Asylum
    2. Murder House
    3. Coven
    4. Cult
    5. Roanoke
    6. Hotel
    7. Freakshow
    8. Apocalypse
    9. 1984

    The new season's cast looks great so I really hope it's an improvement over the last couple of years.
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