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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I got most information and tidbits from datalounge which can be the gutter when it comes to all celebrity gossip. But there's actual proof on there if you dig deep enough. It seems legit.
  2. This is tea, I wasn't really looking forward to him in American Crime Story but he blew me away. If only more people had watched beyond Season 1, American Crime Story trounces pretty much every American Horror Story season outside of 2.
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  3. Caught between wanting this season to be good since it's the 10th and will probably be heavily promoted, and knowing it's in Ptown means Ryan is gonna somehow make it go full camp
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  4. What in the Buschemi
  5. This is my ranking exactly. I actually really enjoyed Cult and couldn’t finish 1984.
  6. Why does that top image look like a ripoff of Nosferatu and the Gentlemen from Buffy?
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  7. Here for it though.
  8. This is gonna be a mess and I can’t wait
  9. Two separate stories; Ryan and the gang have gots to be trolling.
  10. I’m betting the two stories are connected, like the first half will be about a group of people on a ship having some horrible fare happen to them then those people are the villains in the second half terrorising people on land......or something.
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  11. 2 stories in one season...girl, you couldn't even tell us one coherent story in the last season.
  12. 6 seasons
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  13. I don't know, the fact they have two stories means they have to share 50/50 of the episode count, in that way I could see, the potential to have more concise and less dispersive storylines.

    But then again they have usually cool concepts, but they are really good to squander the potential of said stories.
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  14. Jesus, “Double Feature” is such a dull title.
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  15. I -- what is that graphic
  16. Why can’t Ryan cast an ACTUAL drag kween to play that role? CHOICES.
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  17. God I just know this season is going to be absolutely atrocious, and I also know that my dumb ass will be sat there watching every minute of it like:
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