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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. This has been the best premiere since Roanoke, love the atmosphere and the setting, also the pacing is really fast, the story is quite straight forward, but I can imagine it will have some interesting twists

    Finn and Lily as the leads were a brilliant choice.
  2. Yeah, this was surprisingly not bad. I didn't find anything really scary but it was still really enjoyable. Finn and Lily are soooo good and I'm so glad they're back.
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  3. I still find 1984 more enjoyable than Hotel, Apocalypse and even Freakshow. It was pure trash but it was not going for anything more than that.

    The new season looks nice. I am glad that Lily is the main character, she is easily my favorite out of the regular cast.
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  4. The first two episodes were pretty darn good. I hope it can hold up for the next 4 or 5.
  5. I enjoyed these first two episode and I like how the pacing is faster than normal. Certain parts of it though are similar to Coven (stealing the baby) and Hotel (vampire esque beings & Sarah’s character) but that didn’t stop my enjoying. Looking forward to seeing where it’s going!
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  6. It is really nice to be enjoying a season of AHS again. Color me shocked.
  7. I am shocked by all the good reviews this is getting, I'll have to watch this weekend when I'm off.
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  8. I still haven't watched the premiere and I'm happy that you guys liked it. That said, I usually like the first few episodes so... I'm gonna wait for midseason before expressing an opinion.
  9. I’m annoyed, because I REALLY enjoyed those first two episodes. It’ll fall apart in typical AHS fashion, surely?

    I know they’ve split this season into two parts though, so maybe just maybe that’ll stop it from becoming a mess.

    Lily Rabe and Finn Wittrock were excellent choices for the two leads.
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  10. Is there a way to watch this in the UK? It’s usually on Now TV but doesn’t seem to be on there. Do we have to wait a while for a legit way to watch?
  11. @Entropy It's supposed to be coming to Star (Disney+) in October.
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  12. Thanks! Bit of a wait then
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  13. I wanted to binge this at one go, but...


    So I’m taking notes while I hate-watch.
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  14. Really enjoyed the first two episodes, apart from my toes curling when Leslie Grossman appeared. I just can't warm to her.
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  15. I liked it, but I found the pale creatures a bit Goosebumps/AYAOTD and somewhat off kilter. Definitely interested to see how this goes though.
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  16. I really liked the first two episodes! Watched them with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised.
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  17. I enjoyed the first episodes but I feel like I always enjoy the first couple episodes of each season. So I'm holding out hope that it'll stay interesting.
  18. Can someone tell me which were the two episodes of Stories that people on here said were actually worth watching? I don’t want to waste my time watching the shit ones.
  19. Ba'al and Feral, you could make a case that Drive In had a great concept, but it didn't lead up anywhere
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  20. I do think Drive In should be watched as well but definitely Ba'al.
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