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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Watched the last episode, it's like it could be good, but it is not. With Murphy you go from 'oh it's good and maybe promising to nevermind it's not that great, to who write this cringy s...t', too bad, the first too episodes seemed passably fine.

    Frances at last save the screen.
  2. I liked the last episode even though it was not the best. Let's hope the last one pick things up.
    My main issue is that this season isn't scary at all. I know it's been a long time since AHS was actually horror, but at least some of the recent seasons had some kind of tension. Even some episodes of AH Stories were actually scarier than this.
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  3. I don't think it's super scary, but it is unsettling and dark, an atmosphere that was truly missed since Roanoke.

    To me it is overall a return to form.
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  4. All the last episode proved to me is that both Frances and Angelica could act circles around everyone else in the cast.
  5. It was a welcome treat to see Frances chew the scenery so deliciously like she can.

    But Ryan Murphy can rot for making me see Eureka on my screen literally one week after I got rid of her on All Stars.
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  6. I'm loving this season so much. Macaulay should be a regular from here on out.
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  7. So the episode titles and descriptions on IMDb seem to suggest that
    the second story will be from episode 7 onwards and that the last episode connects back to Red Tide.
  8. Someone suggested this earlier in the thread but I think it's a great shout that the last 4 episodes are to do with the screenplay(s) that Finn's been writing.
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  9. I think the whole thing that ties both seasons are the pills, you can hear them saying they need something part aliens and part humans, so... I hope it's not the screenplay written by Finn or something meta like that, I'd hate that, honestly
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  10. Fuck. That episode was genuinely the most disturbing and scary this show has been in years for me. Fantastic episode, best of the season.
  11. The fact I want ALL of them to be killed and die (bar the baby), the fact that there is not a single person you want to root for ddd, great season though!

    Justice for Doris and Karen
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  12. Wow, five episodes into the season and it feels so good to be enjoying American Horror Story again.
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    This episode was genuinely a difficult watch - I was uncomfortable the entire time so bravo to all. TBH there has to be a big comeuppance in the final or it'll border on too bleak, even for AHS.

    However Doris deserved better dd.
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  14. The way this story has panned out has been perfect. I'm sure the shorter number of episodes helped, the acting has been phenomenal (Lily and Sarah both killed it this episode), the scoring has been excellent (really cool that it's tied into the plot with Alma playing violin), and I'm glad they toned down the camp (at least back to Season 1 levels).

    I was iffy about Leslie being in this season since she always plays the more comedic roles, but I think she's done a good job at playing such an unlikable character.

    Doris was the main character I was rooting for, she deserved so much better. I was hoping she'd get some kind of revenge ark like Ally did in Cult. Karen's a bummer that they're both gone. Hopefully Harry/Ursula/Alma get the karma they deserve.
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  15. I've finally binged the first five episodes in the last couple of day and wow, Red Tide is really a return to form. It does feel like I've seen parts of it in previous seasons separately, but nevermind, at least we have a focused, less campy season at last. Lily, Frances and Sarah are amazing.

    There's just one thing I don't understand...
    How come the pill is said to have a temporary effect on talented people but has an irreversible effect on untalented ones?
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  16. I would not count Doris out yet, Lily Rabe said this was her favourite role after Sister Mary Eunice, I could see her being queen of the pales or something.
  17. Ursula remains incredibly annoying and cartoonish, but otherwise this was another solid episode. I appreciate how much they're leaning into the horror rather than camp and I hope that remains the MO going forward. I do sort of wish that they'd tied the storyline with Sarah and Macaulay more into the main story, but I feel like a lot of this season was mapped out around when they could get certain actors to film. None of the main cast has appeared in every episode, which gives certain stories a stop-and-start feeling, but overall this is easily the strongest season since Roanoke.
  18. I've never wanted a child to die as much as I want Alma to die.
  19. Damn that last episode was amazing, I've never felt such tension watching this show in years. Also,
    Alma neeeds to die badly. Harry even more.
    Doris is a queen.
  20. Alma and Ursula die challenge. Do that challenge.
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