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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Part of me wishes Red Tide was just a short 6 episode season. I think it'd be up there with the best seasons. It still could be obviously but I'm a bit nervous for the alien episodes.
  2. Wait, I have a question. I thought Karen took the baby? So after taking the pill escaping the Pales she returned the baby back to the house?

    Did I miss something?
  3. She never left with it, she ran away from the home after seeing Doris turning into a Pale person.
  4. LOL I thought she was holding a white thing (which I assumed has the baby inside) with her and then slowly rested it on the pavement when the Pales attacked? Oh well, I must’ve been mistaken, thanks!
  5. I wonder if both Doris and Karen can be saved. It seems like Karen didnt die anyway judging by the trailer but Doris is the trickier one. Im curious if it means something that she vomited. Maybe there's a chance she will be under the effect of the pill only temporarly? Also she was having that blurry view and muffled hear before taking the pill. Maybe they are trying to go somewhere with this
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  6. The actress playing the daughter is incredible, what a nasty little cow.

    That we know of.
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  7. Alma. Oh wow. Fair play to the actress, because she's making me feel worrying things about a child character.

    I turned around to my other half and said "I'd bury her in the back garden" and then 2 minutes later it was "I'd smother that one in her sleep".

    Evil little witch. I hope she gets her comeuppance next week.
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  8. I have not watched “Cult”, “Apocalypse” and “1984”. Are any of those worth watching?
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  9. I'd say they're worth watching, just so you've seen them all. There's good and bad in every season. There are genuinely episodes and moments in all 3 of them that are fantastic. Equally, there's a lot of filler and they don't hold up by the finales.
  10. I feel like someone always says this every season and it ends up being bad. Is it really worth picking up, this many episodes in?
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Honestly this season should have been the direction they should have taken right after Asylum (bar Roanoke), unsettling and dark.

    I mean Red Tide, will be solid, with just one episode left, I cannot imagine them going that off the rails.

    Death Valley... We'll just have to wait and see, I can see them going a bit all over the place, but considering it is only four episodes, makes me hopeful it won't be a disaster
  13. Yeah, this is a really good season. I think the set up of it being 6 episodes one story/4 episodes another, just forces them to tell a more concise (for Ryan) storyline. There's not a lot of dead time. It's grim, gory and pretty gross in places, but it's definitely one of the better seasons so far.
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  14. 1984 is balls to the wall bonkers and plays its many campy slasher tropes and crazy twists with such knowing confidence that I think it's worth a watch. The other two? Nah.
  15. Cult goes off the rails but the first half was pretty decent. 1984, same thing, first handful of episodes is solid but it ends up being crap. Apocalypse is an offense at how bad it is.
  16. Probably the three most divisive seasons. Cult for me was enjoyable for the most part. Apocalypse ranges from being atrociously bad (the bunker episodes/the tech guys/Cody Fern as the anti-Christ) to being brilliant (the Murder House episode/much of the scenes with the Coven witches). 1984 is one of the worst seasons of any series I've ever watched.
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  17. Cult is actually one of my favourite seasons. Apocalypse was enjoyable but I gave up on 1984 and couldn’t finish it.
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  18. No.
  19. Am I allowed to be here if I just want to see Evan Peters take his T-shirt, jeans, vest and socks off?
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  20. Not AHS, but Evan Peters just won an Emmy for Mare of Easttown! Good for him, I feel like AHS has definitely helped up his cred over the years.

    Sarah went on Instagram live (sitting in the audience at the Emmys) the moment he won and was freaking out, it was cute.
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