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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Am I allowed to be here if I just want to see Evan Peters take his T-shirt, jeans, vest and socks off?
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  2. Not AHS, but Evan Peters just won an Emmy for Mare of Easttown! Good for him, I feel like AHS has definitely helped up his cred over the years.

    Sarah went on Instagram live (sitting in the audience at the Emmys) the moment he won and was freaking out, it was cute.
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  3. Ddd I knew they couldn't stick the landing here. This finale is fucking awful.
  4. Yeah, I just don't get it. I liked the mood of this half of the season but it's like they don't know how to construct a story...
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  5. Yeah....that finale started off strong, but became a jumbled mess and fell apart at the end dd. The whole LA part was so unnecessary, even though it looked like there was potential they could have still gone with a solid ending when Alma was doing those auditions. But everything after that was kind of random and phoned in? It's like they had something else they were leading towards, but scrapped it last minute and threw something together quick.

    Oh well, AHS endings can often be over the top and messy. I still really enjoyed this season (half-season?) Last week's episode alone was one of the best episodes in ages.

    We will see how the second half goes, but I do like this two seasons in one concept. Finale aside, the rest of Red Tide was very strong and I'm sure the smaller number of episodes helped.
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  6. Sooo the ending was everything I didn't want. It wasn't bad, but it was unnecessary. They could have closed the story with episode five. I'm happy that violinist guy told Alma she will never succeed in that business even if she's a prodigy. He was kinda cute, who's the actor?
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  7. The finale was a pile of shit, one of the big issues is that you need at least a character you want to root for, otherwise there are no stakes and that's bad writing.

    It was rushed, plus what was the point? "Talented people are special, the rest is useless?", k, no nuance whatsoever, if you want to do social commentary, it has to be good or don't bother at all, it's a shame because this season was building up greatly, and it's so frustrating to see them wrapping it up with such a bad episode (I cringed at all Ursula's and The Chemist lines).

    I wonder if Death Valley will be tied in a way that gets us a proper ending, because this was not it (especially After Gaslight that was genuinely bleak, sad and terrifying).

    Still 5/6, so I shouldn't complain that much, but still very disappointed at this ending.
  8. Lowkey Brad Falcuk is actually the monster in the Ryan Murphy universe and is usually responsible for the worst crimes against humanity when it comes to writing on a Ryan Murphy show. No surprise he wrote this one.
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Wow that finale was RANK.
  10. You know, I didn’t hate the finale. It wasn’t good, and it absolutely unraveled as all American Horror Stories seasons do, but it didn’t completely undo all the goodwill built from the previous episodes for me.

    The previews for the second half really don’t give me much hope, though.
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  11. Well, I thought the whole initial setup reminded me of Stephen King and, sure as shit, the ending was terrible.

    All I wanted was for Alma to die. Evil little child.
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  12. I thought it was shit from start to finish. Who the fuck thought we wanted a finale that focused on Ursula, Alma, and the chemist? They killed off all of the interesting characters last week or at at the start of this episode, which sort of made the entire season feel useless in retrospect. Like... what was the point of it all? The beauty of most of this season was its simplicity and how focused it felt. This episode felt like one exposition dump after another because the plot was so contrived and random. They'd have been better off ending it last week.
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  13. What the fuck was that?
  14. Isn't this the main aim of every season?
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  15. What the fuck was that? Why did they set up this whole LA post moment that no one wanted, needed, or cared about? Why did they, for the first time in ages, create multiple characters worth giving a damn about and rooting for (Lily, Sarah, even Finn) only to have them all murdered before the end?

    5/6 good eps certainly ain’t bad, but it’s a shame they botched the ending. My biggest pet peeve is that most of their season finales feel like epilogues that go nowhere rather than true ends to their stories, and this was no different.

    I also really appreciated that this season stayed away from the overly tongue in cheek, campy, stupid humor that they do a lot, but they ruined it with that town council scene which tonally felt like a completely different show.

    Honestly, fuck Brad Falchuk dddd. He would absolutely be a pale person if he took the black pill.
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  16. This season has been very meh for me overall, and the finale was just… Well it happened.
    1984 is one of my favorites actually! Up there with Asylum for me. And Cult was bizarre, but I remember it being interestingly so. Apocalypse is hands down the nadir for me. Only season that truly irritates. None of it makes sense.
  17. The entire (half) season being nearly 50 min each episode for the finale to be 30 min only sums up the MESS.
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  18. What a campy ass mess that ending was. They really said fuck every ounce of progress we made this season. I can take Leslie Grossman in small doses but I don’t understand what Ryan Murphy sees in her to make her the center of finale.
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  19. It felt like this was the point where they had to stop filming because of Covid so they just filmed with the dregs of the cast they had in L.A to close it out.
    It's shocking to think these people are working, successful writers that are being paid.
    The trailer for the next story actually looks good and different.
    Let's see how long it takes them to F it up.
  20. Yet again, they just completely fumble the ending. It should've ended with Alma being told she'd never get the part or even just them leaving Ptown. It could've been 15 more mins at the end of episode 5 instead of a separate episode.
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