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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Too much Leslie for my liking.
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  2. Apparently the last episode of the whole season connects back to Red Tide, so it's a long shot but I'm hoping some closure happens. Seriously though what the fuck was that?
  3. I actually usually like Leslie, but so many of the characters in this season were just… terrible. Like, Karen was legitimately the only somewhat sympathetic one. I hated everyone else.

    Something that felt particularly off for me this time around was it all really felt like a Hollywood inside joke made to appeal to those in the industry. It was so bizarre.
  4. Surely the chemist is the connecting thread between the two?
  5. I enjoyed the last episode up until the LA part. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never did.
  6. The finale was shit. It should've ended when Sarah's character went into the ocean.
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  7. That finale was indeed fucking awful.

    Why do they do this every time? How did they get from a really solid, concise season, to that terrible ending? Fuck sake.
  8. I ended up watching the final episodes of 1984 and Double Feature this weekend and thought 1984’s ending was better.
  9. So... all it took was 25 minutes to fully screw any progress that they had with this season, right?

    I'm kinda bitter because the whole thing was turning great, but after Lily and Sarah were cut on EP5... I knew there would be no closure. Alma was like... fucking tragic. So annoying. I was just hoping someone would hit her with a baseball bat or something. So Kudos for the little actress because she killed it dd.
    Ursula\Leslie on the other hand... she doesn't have IT.
  10. Someone takes Leslie away from AHS because all her characters (well, it's not like that different from each other) are terrible. I like her in other series like Faking It, The Good Place or even Love, Victor, but she ruins all the atmosphere in this one.
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  11. Tonight's episode just proved to me that Ryan Murphy needs to quit it with the Young Adult stuff...he doesn't do it well. It's always over the top with no nuance.

    I loved the 50's parts. I love what they were going for with the Twilight Zone esque story and cinematography, and it was actually intriguing. Those are definitely the parts I will be looking forward to most this season.

    The current day parts were lacking. Why do they feel the need to put so many lines about sex (in detail) in the dialogue? And Kaia Gerber is gorgeous, but not a very good actress.

    I'm not going to write it off yet, there were some promising elements here for sure and I'm interested in where the story is going.
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  12. I was so hooked on the 50's bits! Then... It happened. We went present day with teenagers/young adults. Sigh.
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  13. This half of the season isn't for me, I turned it off 40 minutes in. The black & white stuff felt like it MIGHT be campy fun for a few episodes, but the bits with the teenagers in present-day was awful. Terribly written and awfully cast. I was cringing at how clunky the dialog is - and Kaia Gerber is NOT an actress. I really don't get why the writers have been so determined to take the show in a YA direction the last few years.
  14. Why couldn't they just used the YA shit for Stories? It was horrible and here I was thinking the B&W scenes were so good.

    Fuck this show.
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  15. The first 15 minutes was great, the last 24 was terrible. I swear Ryan Murphy hates gay men.
  16. I actually didn't mind it. Nothing was scary, it was of course ridiculous, but I found it entertaining. I do wonder why they can't just tell one, focused story. Why are we jumping from past to present? Why the need to cram EVERYTHING in?
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  17. At this point I’m starting to think Ryan hates the show and wants to see it rot DDd
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  18. I can't help thinking about the seasoned actors like Sarah, Evan and Frances watching that latest episode, and the American Horror Stories season. There's no way they can't have similar opinions as the rest of us do.
  19. How did they make something so good as Asylum and never again after 8 seasons? The only reason I’ve carried on watching AHS was in the Hope of something that good, but I guess it will never happen.
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  20. I am so glad I didn't let the positive thoughts on the first couple of episodes on here gaslight me into watching this season now I know it is the usual shitshow we've had for years! ddd
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