American Horror Story

I am so glad I didn't let the positive thoughts on the first couple of episodes on here gaslight me into watching this season now I know it is the usual shitshow we've had for years! ddd

Ok but the first five episodes are legitimately great! Gaslight is as good as Asylum, watch that and bin the rest.

Death Valley... The 50s scenes are really good, very Twilight zone-ish, I was quite impressed, the issue are the contemporary scenes, it's baffling the fact that they still, have the potential to get it right, but commit to extremely questionable choices, it makes it soooo frustratring
Just caught up with the last two episodes. The flashback to the 50s was such a refresher, but of course, let’s jump to sex and privilege. It never fails to surprise me how they can take something small and drag it out until you’re kicking and screaming along with the characters. I’m exhausted.
I have to say I really liked the first episode of Death Valley. Obviously, the 50s scenes were much better than the contemporary ones, but I still have hopes this will end up being great, mostly because they only have four episodes so they may be able to stay focused this time. But yeah, Kaia Gerber is NOT convincing at all. It was surprising how quickly they went on with the four characters' storyline; I thought their abduction would be stretched out a little bit.

And the guys were hot.
The 50’s part was your excellent and would of made a great story line/season by itself. The second part was probably one of the worst storyline’s I’ve ever seen on AHS.
Considering how badly they managed to tie up Red Tide, that could have been as good as the first three season, if they actually wrote an exciting finale, I am almost sure the next episodes will be an absolute mess.
That was an improvement on the first episode of this part but that's not saying much. The flashbacks are still the best of Death Valley.
Again the first half was superior and not gonna lie puts me on edge (anything with aliens scares the shit out of me) but then we are back to the present day and it's like a CBBC alien-based drama. It was much better, but still makes me sad that a full season could've been dedicated to the gorgeous black and white story.
Really enjoyed the new episode. The contemporary scenes do feel more pedestrian compared to the campy and B-movie black and white scenes. Now I really need them to make an AHS: Space season, too. I know Ryan has said it wouldn't work because it's American Horror Story, but as they didn't shy away from an alternate history storyline, I'm sure they could do this set in the future where the US has colonised space, or something like that.
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