American Horror Story

This episode was fine, again, the series really should have been all set in the 50s, since the story that it set in our time is not as strong and the acting isn't not really up to par (even though I feel the writing is the biggest issue, since I did not mind it that much in the last two episodes), can't wait to see what disastrous turn they will take to wrap it up though!

Overall, and I am not optimistic for the finale, this season showed that they still got it, if they want to, they just need to be more focused and they absolutely needs better writers.
Gotta say that ending was brilliant simply because I laughed so hard.

Bit confused about one bit though, why did Marilyn get grabbed by an alien but then we see it's the men in black? Was it meant to be her imagination?
I'm entertained with Death Valley, mainly the 50's scenes. It's always fun when they tie in real life historical figures/events.

The modern day scenes are cringe but so far I can tolerate them.
I’m already over it. I don’t even care for the last few episodes. I hope all of them fucking die.

Welp, another messy finale! At least this one wasn't as much of a disappointment as the Red Tide finale, since the rest of that story was so great.

I was at least entertained, Sarah and Angelica kind of carried it.

I need some more time to decide how I'd rank these two miniseasons with the rest of the seasons, but Red Tide is definitely up there for me. And 1984 is still firmly in last place.
The way the final ended was really stupid…

It’s kind of sad they used such a great theme(aliens) for only 4 episodes. They could of even linked it with the aliens of the Asylum season.
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Just starting the episode. I'm looking forward to being disappointed.

Yep. Disappointment on a Thursday morning. That finale felt so anti-climatic?? What was the point, even? To frustrate us? Make us question why we continue to watch it every year?

See ya next time.
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I also liked the concept of conspiracy theories and twisting real world events, it would be cool if they did more of that for a season.
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I also feel liked the concept of conspiracy theories and twisting real world events, it would be cool if they did more of that for a season.

Yes, I loved that with the flashbacks. If I trusted them to not fuck it up, I actually think Death Valley could have made for a good single season, not just a few episodes. Have it stretch from the 1950's to present day over the ten episodes, tying in to various conspiracy theories/events like you said. Maybe it wrap it up with some real event from the recent years being tied to the aliens instead, like the meme/theory that goes around that says the world did end in 2012 and this all just the afterlife.

Just a very weak finale. It felt like there should have been more.
Did they link Red Tide to the alien stuff? I didn't bother to watch the final 4 episodes after they botched the end to the first part.