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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I’m starting with Red Tide.

    I hate that I’m watching this with a sense of trepidation, not because I’m anxious that something genuinely frightening might happen, but because I’m waiting to see when the wheels fall off…
  2. Just enjoy it as much as you can, as there's genuinely a lot to enjoy. It's good, not amazing, just very good. Until it's very fucking rubbish.
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  3. If I had the chance to get back my time time back, I wouldn’t watch it. The ending of both parts is terrible.
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  4. I’ve finished episode 2 and enjoying it quite a bit so far.

    The colour palate, the cinematography, the depressing tone, the soundtrack, the Nosferatu-esque design of the creatures, Frances, Lily, Finn Wittrock’s face…
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  5. I’m watching this on Disney Plus pace and just watched episode 5, so good! I’m already prepared for an epic failure of a finale.

    Maybe I should just end the season here because it’s been one of the most intense and scariest in ages!
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  6. Yes do that.
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  7. Trust your instincts.
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  8. Yes if you read my post.

    Red Tide ends at episode 5.

    Consider yourself warned. Don’t go back to this show anymore and just start watching either Creepshow or Chucky for some current series horror fix. These people don’t know how to tell a “story” to save their lives, let alone a “horror” story.
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  9. Wow you guys really weren’t over reacting. I actually liked the first 10 minutes with the police and Harry wanting to leave.

    As soon as Ursula walked into the grave yard with those pills I knew it was doomed.

    5/6 episodes isn’t too bad for 2021 AHS

    Going to rewatch Roanoke as that is by far the scariest series to me.
  10. I did this recently, and sadly even this didn't really hold up for me on repeat viewing
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  11. That final episode of Red Tide was so shit. Only made worse by the opener of part 2.
  12. So I decided to actually finish season 10.

    Valley Of The Death ending is way better than Red Tide FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    Red Tide for sure deserved a better ending, and Valley Of The Death could be better, but I also thought it was going to be worst. The first 2 episodes doesn't help, but once the plot is actually set, it is a pretty interesting concept. The Back-and-forth between past and present isn't so jarring once you it's finally connected, but the approach just... lacks. They really can't help themselves without giving "Looking camp right in the eye".

    The whole part II feels like an afterthought they couldn't finish\expand into a full season of +10 episodes, so they dediced to... *gesticulates* this. It's a shame they wasted the whole Alien story with something so shallow. If they actually put the same effort they did for Red Tide....

    At this point I'm not sure if they'll be able to recover since it's half decent season for 3 unsalvable ones.
  13. Please just close this thread.
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  14. The scream I let out when they stuck the silver ball on the girls head for baby making.
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