American Horror Story

The way y'all keep HOPING and PRAYING and WATCHING thinking it'll be REMOTELY good.

Sis, don't go back for seconds/thirds/fourths/fifths - the dick ain't worth it!

I think everyone here is realistic about what to expect... no-one believes that Ms Murphy will suddenly hire Lee Daniels to give us the actress-centric camp-overload we deserve...

Reminder for everyone to re-watch The Paperboy... now THAT is an American Horror Story...
They keep casting great people on this and I can only wonder how do the script reads. Like, is it good? Couldn’t they notice the mess while passing the pages? Or they just sign up after a pitch? I have read Ryan makes great pitches and convinces actors by selling them the part, maybe that’s it? And then they just go with it?

Anyways… I’m here for the mess as always.
Cast for Stories season 2 has been announced. Judith Light, Max Greenfield, Nico Greetham, Denis O’Hare, Alicia Silverstone, and Bella Thorne are among the cast.

It feels like everything surrounding the OG series has been super quiet, but I guess they want to push this first, which makes sense.