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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. The acting looks atrocious.
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  2. I will be hate watching in the hopes that at least one episode is decent. Honestly surprised Ryan got a slightly better array of castmembers this time.
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  3. It was atrocious in the first one too so nobody is surprised. DDD
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  4. Dare I say it - the first episode of season 2 is actually pretty decent! Definitely one of the better episodes of the series so far (which I know isn't exactly a high bar).
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  5. I watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 and yip it was rubbish as expected.
  6. I saw the first one, great premise but it all amounted to NOTHING as usual.

    Am I such a saddo that I'll go back for the second one?
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  7. Several cast members from the new AHS season have been confirmed/spotted filming in NYC: Zachary Quinto, Billie Lourd, Patti Lupone, Isaac Powell, Sandra Bernhard, Charlie Carver, and Joe Mantello are among them. It looks like Isaac & Charlie are playing lovers, and the season seems to be set in the '70s or '80s. Billie, Charlie, and Sandra were all spotted filming around a Psychic Reading set.
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  8. Oh my God. I have seen the universally bad reviews for American Horror Stories but I am on a three hour train journey so I downloaded a random episode to kill some time. I am watching ‘The Naughty List’ and I am actually speechless. This isn’t bad-good like most of the recent seasons of AHS, which were trash but also watchable. This MUST be a parody (?!).
    I only chose The Naughty List because Nico Greetham is hot ddd.
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  9. I didn’t even finish the second episode of the new Stories, it’s so bad. I’m done with it.
  10. Bella Thorne is not a good actress.
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  11. I'm ready for the new actual season. Red Tide (the awful finale aside) was honestly one of the best things in years from AHS, Gaslight was a really great episode.

    The 50's scenes from Death Valley were great, but the modern day scenes were pretty bad (and Kaia Gerber is just..not a good actress). Ryan just doesn't do well with the more teen/YA oriented horror stuff.
  12. The latest Stories episode (Milkmaids) was AWFUL. Probably the second worst atrocity behind the bro house episode. And not just because Cody Fern was the main actor.
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  13. It felt very Doctor Who in the 'TV universe crosses over with historical event' but the acting was even worse than the usual standards.

    Somehow my bf missed that Stories existed, so he's been eager to watch each new episode, and we've watched enough crap horror to just look past how bad it all is and just be thankful it's over in 45 minutes not in 8-12 episodes.
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  14. I'm pleased to say I have not watched even one second of season 2 of Stories. Brilliant TV shows getting cancelled after one season, yet this trash keeps being churned out? NO.
  15. I didn't even finish watching it. Too gross.
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  16. Milkmaids was indeed horrible and to shoehorn the 'message' - I'm not sure about that Our Lady J. But I do get what she was trying to get at, it's just not landing and it wasn't actually all that horrific. Cody (thank God) was barely in it. The episode with Bella Thorne was OKAY until the twist. But it was still bad. If this gets a season 3 there is no God.
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  17. Reading the comments underneath a lot of the Twitter posts, it seems the majority are hating the show.
  18. Why does AHS keep getting renewed? I mostly always read negative comments about it?
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  19. Since when are shows renewed based on reviews/tweets? If people tune in, it'll keep getting renewed. AHS still has a rabid fanbase that continues to watch + go to social media (even if it's negative). The fact that people are tuning in every week, even if it's to say 'this is shit!', is why it'll never die.
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  20. The latest episode has MOTHER OF THE HAUS ELEKTRA and is HEAVILY inspired by Candyman. That is all I'm gonna say.
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