American Horror Story

I'm catching up on the last three episodes of this MESS.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING OF FACELIFT? That's the only one that was good even though the acting across the board, other than Judith, was atrocious.

Episode 7 was CAMP. The most horrific thing about it was the acting from EVERYONE (and the dialogue) but I'm sorry "Zombie fucker + the trust fund meme + dead mother's milk" had me HOWLING. PLEASE watch it.

I'm bracing myself for the last one.
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The last episode was horrible. Can't believe they chose to end with that? I'm convinced this show is written by 5 year olds.

If anyone's curious, this season OVERALL was better than the first, but then again, we are comparing turd with turd.
It's funny because Dahmer is currently exemplifying how great Murphy and his team can be when they stick to one central story with a clear beginning, middle and end. See also: American Crime Story, Feud, and even the first two seasons of AHS which, despite being scattered in parts, had much more clear story arcs. Pretty much every season since (even fun ones like Coven and ones with great potential, like Freak Show) end up throwing 100 things at the wall and seeing what sticks. And usually only half of it actually works, and that gets bogged down by all the stuff that doesn't.

This description made me laugh out loud... it's about a serial killer going after gays!!! in new york! and AIDS! and the blackout! and a few other serial killers!!!

(But YES, I'll give the first episode a try, as usual.)
That poster and premise is giving Cruising, so I can't complain if that classic is an inspiration

To be honest, it's the first plot description since Ragnoake that has sounded interesting enough for me to actively tune in (instead of eventually doing an epsiode and tapping out)
Not sure I like the description of the new season if it’s true? Sounds a bit too similar in some ways to the Dahmer series, but with too many other things going on.

Let me guess there will be an episode for Halloween night where all the NYC serial killers come back to life for 1 night…
Bunch of new ads are starting to pop up online.

The title/posters are coming from unofficial sources. There's a suggestion they might be fan made but the general plot/theme fits in with what's been rumoured for months.

Fear City was another title doing the rounds recently which I think is a bit better.

Either way it's probably going to be an absolute mess.