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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I can tell already this is going to be terrible.
  2. Ms. Patti's in, I'm in.
  3. YAS @ Rebecca Dayan now being a Ryan Murphy girl
  4. Might watch this for the first time in years nn.
  5. 10.19 seems like a late premiere date, no? I pack up my seasonal horror interests the minute the clock strikes midnight after Halloween. (And then start streaming Wrapped in Red.)
  6. Try being a Dragula fan!
  7. I'm low-key excited for this to be a big gay mess.

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  8. I mean we been knew it hasn't been horror in ages but that just looks like some gheys in the city with some weird shit/costume thrown in.

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  9. The main reason I'm excited for this season

    But real talk, both halves of last season were actually fantastic despite the awful endings. I enjoyed watching, which is more than I can say for a few other seasons, so hopefully this season will be solid too.

    The cast looks great, and I'm actually really surprised Zachary Quinto is back because I thought he and Ryan Murphy had some sort of falling out?
  10. I just binged 1984 and would rank it as one of the best seasons after 1-3. Billie is such a star and I’m happy she’s coming back for the new season!
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  11. 1984 was the first season I actually gave up on, despite getting very close during Apocalypse. I just found them both lacking any real tension, full of shit acting and terrible attempts at humor. And the dialogue was atrocious. I enjoyed Red Tide quite a bit until the finale, but I also gave up on Death Valley. So, as usual, I'll give this a try and just see how it goes. If it's as bad as 1984 and Death Valley (and Cult and Apocalypse...), I won't hesitate to drop it. If it ends up being as fun and creepy as Red Tide, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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  12. 1984 is one of my favorites too nn. Apocalypse is by far the nadir of the series. Incomprehensible AND boring. I can tolerate nonsense if it's entertaining, but damn I wanted to fall asleep through most of that season.
  13. 1984 is the absolute pits of television. Truly dreadful. Had I not seen such glowing reports about Red Tide in this very thread, I’d never have watched this show again.
  14. The way I will watch this to the very end despite only enjoying 3 (maybe 4) seasons of it... I really hate myself.
  15. I actually gave up after Apocalypse and haven‘t watched a season since then.

    But I guess I‘ll watch them at some point.
  16. This show is like a seasonal tradition, I'll watch it and I'll hate it.
  17. Every time this premiere approaches anything resembling tension or horror, it cuts away - the opening kill, the chase in the woods, the photoshoot, the sauna. Instead we're getting... Patti LuPone singing in bathhouse. Weird, weird choices being made in what could have been a truly creepy episode.
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  18. Now I know you're not saying this like it's a bad thing.
  19. Yeah, I'm bored.
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