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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Also, Monster is a Netflix production and AHS is FX. I don’t think FX wants it to end, although it is not the best, AHS for sure sparks online conversation and interest.

    I think I read somewhere FX was trying to get Ryan to be exclusive to them again, I mean he didn’t made them Shonda levels of success but he did chunk out a few successful projects for Netflix.
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  2. So the first two episodes dropped on UK Disney+ and I’m hooked. I haven’t enjoyed a season of AHS since Roanoke so this is a breath of fresh air.
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  3. Same. Absolutely loved the first two episodes (although the opening scene of the second episode was too grotesque for me). It's the first time in a long time I've been excited for AHS.
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  4. Same i caught up with this season on Disney+ and it is refreshingly good so far.
  5. Well I have just finished this. The first 4 episodes were great, but after episode 7 it turned into the usual rubbish AHS. It should have just been 8 episodes. Overall a disappointing last few episodes to what was a great start to the season.
  6. I did enjoy the first 7 episodes, but once that seemingly wrapped everything, the last 3 just felt like pointless drags.
  7. Oh my fucking god you all didn’t lie. I really enjoyed this but episode five was a mess. Is this when it all completely goes off the rails?
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  8. Exactly where I'm at as well. I was loving the first four episodes and now I've got to episode 5 and it seems to have lost what it's trying to do completely.
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  9. Stick with it. Episode 6 set on Fire Island is probably the best of the season and 7 is also a good one. Unfortunately, as others have said here, it goes downhill from there. 8-10 are a complete waste of time.
  10. I’ve been watching NYC on Disney+ and was surprised how great it was. I actually assumed it was just seven episodes as thats all that was on there so when I realised there was three more, I found streams online. This was a mistake on my part. In true AHS style, the wheels have truly come off and all their good work was undone.

    I did really enjoy those first seven episodes though.
  11. This wasn’t necessarily a bad season, and I enjoyed it up to a point, but the themes it was grappling with felt like they’ve been better explored elsewhere, even on other Ryan Murphy productions. Those last few episodes made their point so many times over I nearly gave up.
  12. I was hoping this wouldn't get renewed. Unfortunately at this point, I don't think I can't NOT watch.

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  13. So after saying I won't watch this and I haven't watched the last/latest seasons of Industry, Euphoria, Insecure, The White Lotus, Chucky, House Of Dragons - I have started the first episode of this and I think I am gonna binge it.


    I like the first episode. I hate Russell's horrendous American accent.
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  14. Also I'm SCREAMING that Patti Lupone's role is being regulated to a singer in a cig's bathhouse with different fabulous headgears, I-
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  15. A fucking joke.
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  16. Those last few episodes - WHAT A CHORE to get through and COMPLETELY unnecessary.

    Although it was fine, this show is still a mess.
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