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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I was not expecting last night's episode to play out the way it did. It didn't cross my mind even though I guess it was always coming. I'm really looking forward to the season finale next week.
  2. I am extremely unhappy with this week's episode!

    Vivienne was the only amazing character left, besides Constance.

    I hate Tate and Violet so much. The way that girl cries... oh my god.
  3. I desperately wanted Vivien to make it out of the house alive, or at least have Ben realize the house's power and carry his wife off the property so she wouldn't be sentenced to an eternity in a place that has caused her so much pain.

    But then I started thinking about it, especially after the scene where she appears to comfort Violet, and it seems to me Vivien is the first one to die in the house - that we've seen, at least - who I would consider a decent person. OK, maybe Violet, but she's a teenager and not one with a strong sense of self. (Although, major aside: To what extent can the dead change who they are? We've seen Chad and Patrick, Hayden, Nora, Constance's husband and Tate all seem trapped in the identity they possessed before they died, but over the course of this most recent episode Violet demonstrated real growth. Is this just a writer's prerogative? Because the Harmons are leading the show, we the audience want to see them grow while the supporting cast of ghosts remain emotionally stationary? Or is there something else at work here?) Vivien, on the other hand, is the most sensible woman we've seen on the show and was the first person to realize the evil nature of the house. It could prove to be a dynamic and dramatic plot point to have someone as good as Vivien in the house, working against the evil spirits.

    Quick bullet-point thoughts:

    - Wouldn't it be a great twist if the beautiful baby turned out to Ben's and not Tate's?

    - I sincerely hope they don't allow Ben to commit suicide - that would be a massive cop out. The show becomes a legitimate horror story if Ben is forced to live the rest of his life without his wife and daughter.

    - No wonder Jessica Lange is being nominated for awards left and right.

    - I hate Chad. I've tried liking him, but he's such a jerk to everyone.

    - Looking forward to Ghost Vivien next week.
  4. I can't believe they've almost killed all of the alive people.

    I wonder how things will play out next season.
    To be honest, I'd rather have they'd leave it after this season.

    Ryan Murphy runs everything into the ground after one season and it would be so much stronger if they ended the whole narrative with this season.
    Then they could always come back to the show after a few years with fresh ideas.

    But alas, a new season is already on the way so I'll just have to stop watching.


    Since the house is for sale (in real life) I hope they'll start over next season and do something totally different with different people.

    Would be awesome.


    ALSO : I read a theory about the show and if that theory actually turns out to be true I'll be so fucking MAD.

    And like....I think the theory will be true. It fits.

    Is the theory that each season is going to be about a different family moving into the house?
  6. Well I originally thought that also, but the whole season was spent showing flashbacks/past owners.

    I'm not sure how they would fill a whole season with a new family dealing with ghosts/Constance.
  7. Urgh why are they all being killed off in the first season?

    I hope a 'new family' isnt the case for season two, this latest episode was the worst.
  8. No!


    The theory is that it's all in Ben's head.

    Ryan Murphy has said :
    When you look back even on the first episode, things are set up really early on. The misleads and the misreads were all there from the beginning. . . Your beloved wife and your daughter are dead and you know that and you personally feel responsible—what do you do?

    Indications this might be the case :

    The Bob Newhart clip on tv little Tate was watching at the beginning of the last episode.*
    Ben going in an out of blurs since the beginning.
    Ben saying he was a lot like Tate.
    The house being full of doctors, nurses, psychotic and special needs characters.

    Also, it's Ryan Murphy. He'd TOTALLY go for something like that.


    *If you're not aware. Tate was watching Bob Newhart's sitcom where in the very last episode he wakes up and it turns out the whole series has been a dream.
  9. This series gets more ridiculous with every episode and I fucking love it! I can't believe it's the last one next week. I'm torn as to what I want to happen in the next series, as I can't see much more plot milage in the Harman family unless we uncover some real shit next episode, so I wouldn't mind them leaving on a 'high note', if you will. But I don't want to say goodbye to characters like Constance or Nora, or Moira (where is young Moira?! I miss her).

    Oh and the Golden Globes and SAG people should be engraving Jessica Lange's name onto her trophies already. She is too wonderful in this to not win!
  10. I really hope it's not that, truman. That would be such a fucking cop-out.
  11. Let's join hands and have a prayer cycle.
  12. I think a seance would be more appropriate.
  13. Great idea!

    We could also gather some Glee dvd's, throw them in a fire and shout 'Croatoan' maybe ?
  14. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. The gayz told me so!
  15. If we get everyone on the planet to yell "GO AWAY!" in the general direction of Glee it might work.
  16. But if a new family moved in the Harmans would still be the focus of the show just as ghosts, right? except minus Ben unless he gets killed / kills himself.
    It could work...Vivienne trying to protect the new family from the house and its haunts.
    I love this show. Jessica Lange is so bloody brilliant its just perfect perfect acting / casting.

    Also I am in love with Tate...Brilliant character and I think the actor is perfect...absolutely menacing but still really cute.
  17. No.
    Trying to re-do series one with a new family will get old really fast.

    New location. All new characters and maybe one cross-over character appearing halfway.

    The only reason they got all those bloody amazing actors was because they were told their complete storylines + lifespan anyway. They signed on for one season. Jessica Lange isn't an actress that will tie herself down to TV.
  18. Heartbroken about this, although it's for the best. I wouldn't like to see the show or the characters - except Ben, he's always been shit - get stale.

    One thing I'm confused/anxious about is the location change. Unless the "evil" from the house expands or moves elsewhere, I'm stumped on what the series would be about without being a re-hash. (And I also want to see more of Nora and Charles' days. I love Nora!)
  19. I think they'll not do a haunted house story for the next season. Maybe they'll do another one of the horror tropes, like a serial killer or something like that. I would be quite happy with Harper's Island 2.0 by Ryan Murphy.
  20. Oh, that makes sense. I feel dumb now, haha.

    That's a great idea, actually. Hopefully keeping it fresh would break the supposed "Ryan Murphy curse" of his shows starting out great but going downhill after the first series.
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