American Horror Story

This could go one of many ways.

The way it will probably go is an incredible concept that decays as the season goes on but this an unexpected shake up to say the least.
Weird casting (from Connie Britton & Jessica Lange to Emma Roberts & Kim Kardashian?! Ddd), but this bit of info may keep things from going off the rails - the show will be entirely run and written by one woman, Halley Feiffer. It's also based on an upcoming book.

For the first time in the anthology’s history, it’s leaning into source material. The season is titled Delicate and is based, at least in part, on Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel Delicate Condition. Out in August from Sourcebooks Landmark, the novel is described as a gripping thriller about a woman who becomes convinced that a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens. A cover blurb from author Andrea Bartz describes Delicate Condition as “the feminist update to Rosemary’s Baby we all needed.”
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I know it has been wildly inconsistent over the years, it's just insane that a show that used to cast some incredible award winning actors (Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates etc) and some really strong younger talent (Evan Peters, Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts have all done really well with their material on this show), is casting a celebrity who isn't even an actress?

But I guess he did cast Gus Kenworthy a few years ago so I shouldn't be surprised.
They kind of always been into "pop culture" and I'm not gonna lie that I gagged when the Kim twitter showed up. It was almost the same reflex of when Gaga did the cute video announcing "Hotel". We had Adam Goddamn Levine during Asylum. I know we blocked this from our memory but still.

So, yeah, always been a great hybrid of Iconic Iron Clad Actors and Stunt casting (that sometimes reveleaved to be great choices. Gaga included!). The show has been going downhill season after season but, after the fan backlash about the lack of promo around the last season, it is interesting they went back to teasers and decided to go with a new format\approach of story.
Kim's casting feels approximately five years late to me for some reason and I don't really know why.

(Honestly, if I had any faith in the show's writing left at this point, Billie Eilish would have felt like a no-brainer for a big-name cast member, particularly after her really great turn in SWARM.)
I'm pretty sure the viewing figures were beyond dismal for last season, so I imagine everyone involved felt some pressure to course-correct and try to revive the pop culture appeal that the series used to have - it used to be one of the water coooler shows, and I don't think anyone even knew it was airing last year. This will get a ton of attention, but I'm not sure if it'll be the attention they want.

If they manage to turn out a fun season, maybe it'll be worth it to get some eyes on it. It certainly has people talking today.
The Kim K casting is so weird. I kinda got why Kim and Khloe got that cameo on 90210 back in the day because their star was on the rise and all but now it weirdly feels kinda out of place to have a Kim K cameo moment.
Emma Roberts back


Kim Kardashian......



Kim K will be what Ariana Grande was on Scream Queens. Just there to create some hype, will probably get killed off on the first episode, hopefully by Emma Roberts herself.

I know I'm very late to the party but I just finished NYC and goddamn, Ryan really could not finish a story properly if his life depended on it. Such a strong early and middle season, but it ended up turning into a complete shit show. For this reason I'm actually quite excited this new season has a novel to lean on, perhaps the writing will actually be decent this time.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to resist Lange's AHS comeback, but I do wish RM would get someone to take over each series end as every run starts well and ends seemingly even worse than the abysmal ending the previous one had.