American Horror Story


I do wish RM would get someone to take over each series end as every run starts well and ends seemingly even worse than the abysmal ending the previous one had.

But SERIOUSLY? I got so frustrated when NYC ended with 'those' two episodes. NYC spoilers ahead.

They kill off the scariest character halfway through the season, and the second-scariest character is what. A metaphor for your own fears? A heavy-handed metaphor for HIV/AIDS? Also the way Ryan really rams the HIV/AIDS reference in those final two episodes especially is almost insultingly blunt. We already got it way before he had to decide he was going to queue up dozens of men standing in line for a grave and jumping into it, becoming piles of bodies (YES WE GET IT) while Patti LuPone keeps singing ballads.

Does he think his audience is stupid or does he genuinely think he's making art or something? It's of course very important to show the HIV/AIDS reference, but those two episodes just felt self-indulging. Am I being overly harsh?

It's just such a pity with most of the season being so strong!! I haven't enjoyed a season this much since Summercamp (or what was it called. 1984 or something)
I get that Kim is a really strange casting choice, even in terms of a stunt casting choice, because an she actually act? I mean I thought Lady Gaga was a strange casting choice back when Hotel came out, but she turned out to be an amazing cast member, although her part in Roanoke as Scáthach was a bit dissapointing. But I would love for AHS to revisit the coven series and possibly even go back to when Scáthach would have been around and focus on her story.

Speaking of Ryan doing celebrity Stunt castings, Ariana Grande did a great job in Scream Queens, although she literally is an actress anyway.
The only thing this season has going for it is that it's based on source material & not written by Ryan. The shows biggest issue (even in the first 3 seasons) was that they threw 1000 ideas at the wall and never stuck the landing. So, I've got an ounce of hope that that writing will be better and there's a cohesive story. But I'd be a lot more optimistic if the cast was better.