American Horror Story

I find Leslie Grossman, and to a lesser extent Billie Lourd, to be really underwhelming actresses. I can’t take them seriously as their characters are the same campy regurgitation season after season. Not that this isn’t a hot mess all around, but the eye roll when they appeared at the start of episode four in those damn outfits dd.
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Leslie Grossman is one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. I have no idea how she managed to make it in film industry. I don't think I'll keep watching this season, there just isn't much to keep coming back to.
I always liked her on What I Like About You, that Amanda Bynes sitcom from the mid-2000s. Never understood the hate for her as an actress.
I thought Leslie was great in Cult! She's funny and does well with the campy roles, she's just kind of one dimensional.
I've actually always felt like Billie is underrated....Scream Queens is still one of her best, but I thought she was fantastic in Cult and I haven't disliked her in anything I've seen her in.

The latest episode honestly had a solid cliffhanger to leave things on. I've been enjoying this season way more than last year (although not quite as strong as Red Tide). Even Kim has grown on me nn. I know the hold up is the strike, but I wonder how much of the rest of the season they've shot before they had to stop?
You had unsurprisingly decided on this before even watching because it’s just not true. She does a good job with shit material and a horrible co-star.
I almost didn’t watch this season because of Kim, I can’t stand anything about that family.

However, it pains me to admit she’s about the best thing happening this season.

Why any of us are still watching this I don’t know anymore. I think all hope of it touching on former glories are well and truly dead.
This franchise should be put to bed next year for season 13. Bring back the characters we used to love to bleed what they can out of the fans that are left and be done with it.
I’m watching the new Stories episodes…ep 1 was kind of dumb but entertaining.

I actually really enjoyed Ep 2 Daphne, reminded me of the Disney Channel movie Smart House. And I loled when I realized it was Gwyneth doing the voice acting for Daphne…was wondering how they got someone on her level but then remembered she’s married to Brad Falchuk.
Stories is actually... fun this year? Lisa Rinna and Gwyneth episodes were both utterly camp and enjoyable.

Kim is the best thing about the main show. Why they decided to air it now and not wait until it's finished and just drop it for bingeing is beyond me.
This is the first series of AHS I've watched since... I gave up on Cult a few episodes in? Oh actually I watched maybe 3 of New York.

I'm kind of stanning. It's completely unsurprising so far and the need to literally underscore everything suspicious is...a choice...but I think I'm liking the tighter cast and plot so far. It will no doubt be a full on mess by the end but.. Kim kinda has me hooked.
Can this show go back to more conventional 'horror' tropes, if there's anything else left to squeeze out? I can't remember the last season I watched? Maybe Apocalypse, only for my Coven girlies <3
Unpopular fact but I trully love NYC and Delicate and the fact there are trying to explore other horror genres, like Rosemary's Baby this year. There is a good cast in both NYC and Delicate. Refreshing vibes here.

I always found Coven super overrated and too GP bending. I'm fine with the show evolving and not trying to make a Coven sequel every two years just to satisfy the general audience which at the end of the day is not liking AHS, but just Coven witches.


Unpopular fact but I trully love NYC and Delicate and the fact there are trying to explore other horror genres, like Rosemary's Baby this year. There is a good cast in both NYC and Delicate. Refreshing vibes here.

I love NYC! One of my favourite seasons. Except the final 2 episodes, I get what he was trying to do but it didn't really work for me, it felt like Ryan was just wanking over his own cinematography or whatever. I had to laugh when all the men just started running for the grave and piling up in it. But for the most part, NYC was really stellar. Very gory, I could barely watch some of it but all the gay sex made up for it.

Haven't watched Delicate yet because I don't know where to stream it :(