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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Oh, I kind of like the idea that each season could be a new "horror story". I think a show like this could really work with a revolving cast each season, and considering Ryan Murphy seems to get bored easily, it might be for the best creatively too.*

    *That said, anyone who has followed Murphy's television career knows the second season of Nip/Tuck is incredible.
  2. The only reason it is, is 'cuz of Famke Janssen.

    And the twist in the end.
    But the twist is nothing more than an easy TV- trick. Albeit very well done.
  3. Well, Famke is a big part of it, but there was some incredible acting from Dylan Walsh and Joely Richardson as well. It just clicked very well.
  4. I've been hoping for slasher in Season 2 since this show began, although it will be a bit hard considering it's on television and not film.

    I felt really sick watching Vivian eat that pancreas and I'm not once to get squeamish. I'm surprised they went down the school massacre route (infact I'm surprised when any TV show or film does that) but it worked well with the character.
  5. Tate and Constance are my favourite characters, they bring so much strength to their scenes, great actors.
  6. I am so disappointed with the finale. The last couple of minutes were good but overall, this is not what I wanted!

    And I am all for the second season of Nip/Tuck love. I think I'm in the mood to re watch it actually. There were so many great story lines and it's well acted.
  7. Not sure how I feel about that finale.

    The hairdressing scene was so drawn out, and was that the Legally Blonde feminist/"dyke"?!

    Tate and Hayden, it cannot be said enough, are awful.

    Vivienne and Constance are just so good. I love Moira as well.
  8. I loved the first half of the finale.
    Didn't really care for the second half.

    Killing Ben off was just so obvious.

    I loved Constance's speech at the hairdresser though.
    It was clearly her securing her golden globe win.

    I liked that they tied everything up though so there can be a totally different story next year.
    (that's what they're going to do, right ?! I can't see much expansion beyond this. Here's hoping they will do a complete reset.)
    The only fear I have is if they do reset and should go for a serial killer - story, than I'm pretty sure Tate's son will be the serial killer which would be blah.
  9. YAY!


    There was a press conference today.

  10. You beat me to it, haha! I was just about to post the below:


    Interesting idea. I think that's better than doing anymore with the Harmon family. I can't see how a second season with them would go.
  11. That is exciting , but it IS a lot too give up - all those fabulous characters.
  12. Also a clue about the new setting in the last three episodes....Florida ?
  13. You were right?

  14. You were right.
    I was right.
    We were all right.

    You are annoying.
  15. These are all facts which I agree with.

    Anyways, I hope the characters are as likable as they were this season. I surprisingly attached to them.
  16. Same, I can't imagine no Vivienne or Moira... or CONSTANCE!
  17. I feel exactly like you tylerc904 haha. I don't know what to think about the finale and I absolutely hate Tate and Hayden. I hope neither of them will be back for the second season. Vivienne, Constance and Moira were by far the best characters.

    I'd love them to explore something different than the haunted house scenario for the second season. A slasher TV show, even though I didn't like Harper's Island, would be nice. And yep pretty sure Florida is the new setting.
  18. Oh, they should totally do a slasher roaming through the sweaty Everglades - main characters are a "second wife" (Sarah Paulson), her husband (Ethan Hawke?) and his three sons, one who is obviously old enough to lust after the wife.

    I love the idea of this show as an anthology. That's exactly what it should be. It makes the finale that much better too - we don't have to live through a show of the Harmons as Guardians of the Murder House, instead we just get to imagine them in the role. How much fun is that? For once, the people behind the scenes let the audience use its imagination!

    Time for bullet-point thoughts!

    - How hot did Vivien look in the afterlife? I feel kind of awkward lusting after a ghost, but. . . . wow.

    - Great idea to have Moira join the family at the end, nice way to give that character closure.

    - I know some people really didn't care for the whole sequence with the Ramos family, but I loved it. I loved how it showed the Harmons learning and demonstrating that they now have a responsibility to protect the people of the house.

    - That said, a little weird how they killed Ben off. I understand why, but - and this is surely where some people find the show infuriating - isn't it weird how Vivien is there one minute to save Ben from shooting himself but can't appear to save him from suffocating?

    - Love that Tate both confesses his sins and is left alone outside away from Violet. He truly was an evil character, and I'm glad he doesn't get to join the family.

    - I had hoped for a line about the gazebo.

    - Constance's monologue in the mirror was AMAZING. 10/10! Gold Medal! Forget the Emmys, give Lange the Oscar!
  19. I'm with you on those bullet-points there Someboy. Constance once again stole the show.

    Overall I found the finale all too rushed, will be interesting to see what season 2 has to offer.
  20. Just caught the UK screening of this, I thought a really great ending, but do agree it did seem a bit rushed and could have bee stretched over at least two episodes. It really did get back to the creepy/scary thing which the series started so well with but then got a bit bogged down in family melodrama. but of course love Lange and the whole ending with the demon-child!

    I like the way they are not just going to rehash the same haunted house story for the next season, would get boring very quick.
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