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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Well I enjoyed the season and I liked this finale, the only thing I would have changed was Misty's cruel ending.

    (I truly believed (and kinda hoped) Fiona would have picked up the knife mid-hug and stab Cordelia.)
  2. Next season?...


    - look at it sideways...
  3. Awful ending. What was the point in Fiona still being alive? Why did they let Kyle get away with killing Madison?
  4. Sam


    What is it?
  5. - a clown. (or possibly a snowman)

    The 'Circus' theme is probably true after all.
  6. Sam


    Oh yeah now I see it.
  7. Rmx


    There's a lot of hints it's going to be sci-fi related, the main one being Myrtle playing that instrument. But also it's going to be in 1950 and apparently that was a year of UFO sightings and stuff, I dunno you can Google it but I think Circus would be a bit on the nose now.
  8. I thought it looked like a fighter jet...
  9. Sam


    Actual scifi and not just hints at aliens would be brilliant.
  10. BALENCIAGA! I liked the quick shot of Queenie trying to communicate with Nan. Misty's fate is the only aspect I'm really disappointed about. It would've been a much more fitting end if she was trapped with Stevie Nicks forever as was speculated.
  11. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    It's obviously Circus, there were posters for Coven (or "Salem") this time last year that everybody said was fake.
  12. YES!

    I'm rooting for the Roswell link, hopefully they can get the sci-fi stuff right this time.
  13. Ryan Murphy told some "details" about Season 4 & 5:

  14. Misty's death/fate was awful. Puts me In a bad mood every time i think about it.

  15. Murphy has already said it's not circus. It's just made up posters.

    I'm still upset about Misty. Why couldn't have that been Zoe and left Misty and Queenie to be the council. Zoe is such a prick!

    Kyle kept breaking up with me wah! Twilight much.
  16. Why Misty, why? She didn't deserve that.

    I seriously loved this season, then when it came back after the season break it all seemed to go horribly wrong. There was so much to sum up, half of what came before it was rendered redundant.
  17. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    If I remember rightly he did the same with Asylum & Coven. I would rather them not go back to Nazi's, it was done with Asylum, I really really like (and am still rooting for, no matter what) the idea of Jessica Lange being the ruthless madame of a travelling circus.
  18. I'm kinda bored of sassy, beauty past her time Jessica Lange.
  19. I think they've done really well with keeping each of Jessica Lange's character's completely distinct from one another. The fact that they followed up Sister Jude with a character as powerfully drawn as Fiona is kinda amazing too.
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