American Horror Story

The other 3 actors who are coming back are....

Three more American Horror cast members from Season 1, regular Evan Peters and recurring Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe, will return for the anthology series’ second season as regulars. They will join Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto, all playing new characters in a new setting at a East Coast institution. AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy just made the announcement during the show’s PaleyFest panel. “We don’t want to talk about it too much, we’re still writing, anybody could pop up at any time,” he said. He didn’t want to elaborate on the returning actors’ new characters, saying only that “everyone is playing the opposite of what they played before.” Season 2 of AHS will start shooting in July.

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YAS! Sarah Paulson! One of the most underrated AMAZING actresses out there.
I can't remember if I ever posted in here but I loved this show and I am very happy Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto and Evan Peters are returning.
I find the prospect of the second series/season being a different story with different characters but the same actors thrilling!
All good choices except for Lily Rabe, don't quite get that decision but there you go. I'd rather have Frances Conroy.
Lily Rabe is gorgeous, but yeah, don't really see why she's back on board and others aren't. Evan Peters is good news!

I did enjoy his guest turn on the first season, because it was so bad t was good, but I really do not care for this show in general. It mostly is just "so bad."
The Holy Spearit said:
Thank god Hayden isn't coming back.

She reminds me of Mitzeee out of Hollyoaks.

Sarah Paulson seems so much younger in MMMM as opposed to AHS but I'm guessing that's just the role she was playing.


I remember Sarah Paulson in American Gothic, and it struck me that the role in American Horror Story wasn't that far removed from it.

I wasn't a Tate fan, so I could live without Evan Peters being back, but I suppose it will depend on what his character is like.

I'm pleased about Zachary Quinto though, preferably in a "shirtless role".
I'm fine with Evan Peters coming back as long as he plays a decent person - the Violet so to speak - but I won't be able to take another season of him if he's playing someone creepy and violent.

It strikes me that Lange, Paulson, and Rabe could easily pass for a family in the television world.
Chloe Sevigny is joining the cast.
As is Adam Levine.

The season is set in an institution for the criminally insane, led by Jessica Lange.
Zachary Quinto will play her nemesis.

There will be no cross-over, references or what-so-ever to season 1. It's not even set in the same time-period.


Quinto / Levine love scene please.

Having Chlo-ay in it should be good, although I'll constantly be on alert for Drew Droege-isms.
This is exactly what Revenge should have done for it's second season. Wrap everything up and the end of season one and then use all the same actors to play out a different scenario in season two. It would have been amazing.