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American Idol 2013 - Season 12

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AllStar7, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. "It's called No Boundaries. 'Cause there are none. For anyone." I love it. Makes me wonder what her version of the song would have sounded like in some sort of Bizarro World where she cawed her way to winning that season.

    And just for reference, there's also this version where Kris takes the piss out of the song:

  2. I love Kris Allen, he's so underrated (his second album is amazing).
  3. The first piece of news being much more exciting than then 2nd.

    Megan was amazing.
  4. Well, that's one way to try to change the conversation to something positive.

    Megan was my favorite that season. Loved her tone and -- at least most of the time -- her phrasing. She didn't always make the best choices though, so it was pretty clear that she wasn't cut out for the long haul on Idol. Especially when she was competing against someone like Adam, who was quite the masterclass on how to play the game right up until the end where it all sort of derailed a bit for him.
  5. Symphony

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  6. Nicki Minaj has also just confirmed her exit from the show.
  7. Megan was a true successor to Fantasia (as in, she clearly didn't give a shit). I liked her most when Simon was horrible to her because she wasn't singing whatever dirge he wanted her to and so she'd roll her eyes or laugh rudely in his face. CAW CAW!
  8. I loved that. It's why I simultaneously love/hate that she started off the finals with Rockin' Robin. On one hand, I was shaking my head because that was such an awful song choice, but then on the other hand, she was singing it for her son and she just didn't care if you hated it or not. It was a bold move and you have to at least respect that she was taking a chance.
  9. 100% agree - of course, part of me wanted her to be 'better' as she clearly had the potential to be. Yet, Amber this year showed that you can tow the line and do what you're told and still fail to fulfil a quarter of your potential. So I'd rather contestants didn't treat it as the 'be-all-and-end-all', had fun and performed songs that they liked. Fantasia is still the benchmark for this kind of attitude...
  10. Fantasia had the talent and individuality to turn anything she sang into a Fantasia song, she couldn't be karaoke if she tried

    While it do think that Candice surpassed 'Summertime' with 'Love Song' Fantasia is still the best contestant in any talent show ever
  11. Undoubtedly - she's possibly the only real 'star' these shows have produced. Which makes the generally substandard material given to her even more annoying...
  12. Have you got 'Side Effects of You' ?

    It's AMAZING
  13. I really didn't like the lead single, though I love the Kelly Rowland/Missy Elliott collaboration and have bought that. Investigating the rest of the album is on my 'To Do' list...

    I think my favourite Fantasia song is Uneligible (though because of my OCD tendencies it's renamed Ineligible on my iPod!)
  14. I would say that 'Lose To Win' and 'Without Me' are in the bottom third of the album. No idea why they are the first 2 singles.

    'Side Effects of You'
    'To The Heavens'
    'Get It Right'
    'So Much To Prove'

    All fabulous.

    Easily her best. It actually feel like a cohesive collection of songs.

    Album of the year so far by a mile.
  15. You can't do that!!! It's called 'Uneligible' on purpose, because of her dyslexia.
  16. OH MY GOSH! I am vaguely aware of some American TV movie based on Fantasia's life (!?) and once read a nasty comment about her and it, which contained the implication that she is/was/used to be illiterate (and also the implication that this was a lie, for whatever reason).

    I thought nothing of it until I got the second album and fell in love with Uneligible. I then renamed it, obviously, thinking 'oh, she mis-spelt it because of her literacy issues' though am now MORTIFIED that it was actually on purpose and that I am officially a complete idiot.

    As penance, I will get the new album immediately.
  17. HA!!!

    You won't regret it.
  18. You mean you haven't watched Life is Not a Fairytale ??!!


    It's MAZE obvs
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