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American Song Contest (will never happen but dream on, Bjorkman)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jan 3, 2020.


    How u gonna make this happen without an investor darling
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  2. Then again Bjorkman has been spending a lot of time in America recently so maybe he fooled a network into signing on.
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  3. With Netflix buying the rights to broadcast the 2019 and 2020 contest in the US and that crappy Will Ferrell film... could they be the ones also throwing money at this?

  4. Is it even happening, though? Surely they'd have the broadcaster all over the press releases. I was under the impression that they're trying to make as much noise as possible in the hopes that someone with actual money would sign on.

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  5. Instead of postcards, we'll learn about how the singer is an Iraq veteran part-time youth pastor whose mom only has one leg and he's doing it for her.
  6. I just... don't see why the public would care about this. But I don't get the public; they're about to launch the 18th series of The Voice in the USA even though barely anyone has launched a sustainable career off it. Maybe an ASC would appeal to the market who enjoy watching normals sing karaoke?

    I thought something like Melodifestivalen might work out if it was all big name artists and it was done for charity... but even for a good cause, I assume Incubus wouldn't want to come 5th place and lose to Lil Pump or something.

    And what else, the state that wins hosts it next year? I ain't going to fucking Arkansas.
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  7. The winner gets to go to Globen and get completely ignored by the European audience.
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  8. Oh wait you just know the winner will perform at ESC as interval act
  9. Good thing this show will never happen because the last thing we need is some guy doing a Country ballad as an ESC interval act.
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  11. I wish they would, as they say, keep it.
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  12. I’m doubtful that the format will really work in the USA as much as they seem to think. The amount of “State Pride” varies greatly. I can’t imagine going to any event waving the flag of Massachusetts. And are they going to Electoral College this? New York City alone has more people than the 10 smallest states combined. Anyway, looking forward to not following the career of whatever boring white guy with a guitar wins this.
  13. Well if those small states bring in the basic bops as San Marino or massive kii as Iceland do than I will stan hard.
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  14. The closest thing in the Americas to Eurovision was the OTI Festival that ran from 1972 to 2000 (with no edition in 1999), where all the Latin American countries, plus Spain and Portugal, plus Canada and the USA via their Hispanic comunities (and one time even the Spanish speaking African country of Equatorial Guinea) competed. These are all the winning songs (basically it was Mexico and Spain's playground):

    2001 Eurovision winner Dave Benton took part in 1981 representing the Netherlands Antilles.

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  15. I mean it will have several pre-shows before the semis so it feels more like just a regular casting show.

    Good luck but the interesting part of ESC to this day is still that some bring their specific culture into it and I don‘t know if the states will have enough diversity.
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  16. An Americavision that showcases Canada, Central America, and South America sounds more interesting to me than 50 variations of country pop.
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  17. San Marino gets the same number of points to give as Russia, too.
  18. Can't wait to see the bloc voting trends: "Hawaii and Alaska always swap 12s!"; "Maine always gives its points to the other NW states!!"; "Alabama won't give New York points because there are gays there!!!"
  19. I really have to memorise the locations of all 50 states for this, huh?

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