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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. I don't think I'm bothered now FIRO has gone.
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  2. Can’t wait to watch it! I really enjoyed last Cycle (the first I’ve enjoyed since C18) and thought the girls were pretty good too. Judging from the clip, the photoshoots look really cool or at least they’re styled that way (we know how cheap the end result can end up looking).

    On a side note, is the blonde girl with the spider on her chest the same girl immediately after in confessional crying with very short brown hair? Because that makeover looks TRAGIC!
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  3. I'm hoping it's the other way around otherwise she's gotta be going home early.
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  4. Most of the makeovers look tragic kii
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  5. OH MY GOD, I thought you might be exaggerating but fuck me, that could potentially be the worst makeover haircut in ANTM history.
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  6. Brutal haircut.

    It doesn’t help that it’s completely unstyled (though there isn’t much of it to actually style!) and she doesn’t appear to be wearing any makeup.

    I’m intrigued by the bald girl’s story. Was that a shot of them peeling back a wig glued to her head? Ebony C9 teas...
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  7. So after watching the first episode I see its not the blonde girl who gets that hideous makeover.

    Any early faves on here?
  8. Uno


    The episode was way too short so I don’t know anyone well enough.

    My favorite so far is Liz - love her drunken attitude and her photo was by far the best. However, I think she will be first or second out.

    One of the other girls kind of looks like a darker skinned Michaela Coel and I am living for her. She’s my second fav.
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  9. I can't remember her name yet but the girl who had the brain tumour is absolutely gorgeous.
  10. Last night's episode moved so quickly, it was hard to keep track of anyone. Coura is the standout for me at this point, but I still had to Google to get her name.
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  11. I enjoyed the episode more than I expected, Tyra looked raidnet. It’s hard to remember who’s who but here’s some brief first impressions.

    Christina will provide the messy drama these later seasons of ANTM need.

    Liz is just a mess.

    Sandra is S T U N
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  12. Who is the girl with the side ponytail in the promo image for this cycle? I like her, Jeana and Sandra.
  13. Shit, I didn't realize that this was back. Here I gooooooo
  14. You also missed my ANTM rate!
  15. who
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  17. Oh it's done now, you can see the run down on page 1.
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  18. Uno


    Allison won, so it's probably best you avoided the train wreck that it turned into.
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