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America's Next Top Model

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. The episode was nice! I really like Jeana, Rio, and Erin.

    The show definitely needs Tyra - like she said, this is her baby, but also, the show just feels right with her. I think I stopped watched in 2007/2008, so it's weird to get back into, but nostalgic all the same. I'm into it!
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  2. Eva the Diva didn't even make top 60.
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  3. Exactly.
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  4. I’ve had to Google to know most of their names but on first impressions I really like Jeana, Coura, Sandra (HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THAT BEAUTIFUL?), Rio and Maggie.

    Liz and Christina need to actually follow through and bring the drama, I do like their looks though. The drama was teased in this episode so let’s hope it’s an interesting Cycle.

    Also, I loved Erin! I’m not one for sob stories or even blatant “support the underdog” story arcs but you couldn’t help but want to cheer for her. I was kind of surprised by what happened even though it was pretty obvious. A very lovely and genuine feel-good moment, a rarity in this show.
  5. I liked the dresses used for the photoshoot and runway show. It looks they have a bigger budget for this cycle compare to cycle twenty three. The top model house looks good as well.

    I am happy that Tyra is back. I can't wait to see her make things about herself again. She was 15 you know when she started modeling so there's 15 finalists for this season. Though I wish she would stop calling herself Ty Ty.
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  6. I didn't realize how much I missed Tyra's delusion. I really enjoyed last season, but the premiere was such a breath of fresh air with Tyra back.
  7. No but really, who is she? I can't find the promo image with names attached!
  8. I’m pretty sure it’s Maggie. She looks so different in the promo shot!
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  9. Uno


    Yeah it is Maggie. She looks very Latina in that promo shot - nothing like she does in motion.
  10. Liz is everything
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  11. 'I started modelling when I was 15...and you are number 15!!'

    I missed you, Tyra.
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  12. Is Maggie the "homegirl" one?
  13. Yes. No idea why she's trying to make that a thing.
  14. That really was a stretch from Tyra, I did laugh.
  15. I feel like the one judge (Drew?) is trying so hard to be Mr. Jay during the photo shoots. It’s not working, though I did like his jacket during casting.

    I loved Erin, so the little surprise ending with her getting to stay was a nice touch.

    The whole Christina drama (“I’m a moooddeelll”) seemed so fake to me, but I know they’re setting her up to be so messy, so I’m here for it.
  16. CoryAnn from last Cycle commented on one of my Instagram posts from like 2 years ago and I don’t even follow her. Like how did she even find me? Why that photo (it’s of a building)?

    As someone who is not a big social media user, nor have I ever met any of the contestants or judges, I’m more than excited by this and the CariDee reply last year.

    It’s clearly a sign from Tyra for me to apply next Cycle.
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  17. That is so random. Did you hashtag it?
  18. Like the 5 most bland hashtags ever. Things like #france #newhome so I really don’t get it.

    Imagine if she had been following your rate!!!
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  19. Uno


    Brendi K reminds me of Renee from S8 - I really do not like her. I do feel bad for her situation but I really don’t want to hear it every 30 seconds. I thought her photo (and Maggie’s) was great though and probably should not have been in the bottom 2.

    Overall wasn’t the most exciting episode but I think there are still too many girls left so we’re not getting much of everyone’s personality yet.

    Liz and Coura remain my favorites, but I don’t think Liz will be lasting much longer.
  20. CoryAnn liked my picture too last year... well it was a picture of Courtney and me saying that she was my favourite.
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