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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Well in a testament to the power of an edit, Rio has gone from a front-runner for me to almost unbearable.

  2. Queen Justine providing more moments:

    Song is Tommy by Tommy Genesis
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  3. So happy to see Justine doing her thing. She was way too good for ANTM.
  4. I just finished watching Cycle 22 (having only seen 21) and I'm really disappointed that Mamé didn't win the night. Nyle's work was very one note and nothing seemed to really change in his modelling through out the show. Dustin winning the comeback was also a bit of a joke - he had no potential whatsoever. Being able to take a good photo from one angle shouldn't have earned him a place back in the competition over the likes of Ava. The fact he replaced Justin was honestly criminal.

    Mikey's treatment of Courtney, Ashley and Hadassah was really uncomfortable viewing. Plus Devin was completely unbearable to watch!
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  5. Uno


    The girl that comes in after Justine though. Her walk is an abomination.
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  6. After last week Khrystyana, Erin, and Kyla are the only ones bearable to me personality wise. And maybe Shanice. Rio and Jeana both just came across as so bitter, which is a far cry from the sob stories they had earlier in the cycle.

    Really, Khrystyana better win this. She’s the only one who’s really been consistent with her photos AND is likeable. Erin is my other favorite, but even I have to admit she’s been coasting. She’s pretty much been in the middle of the pick this whole time in terms of photos. I thought maybe she’d get top photo for her gold paint one, but how good her photo was that week was overshadowed by Kyla’s amazing picture.
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  7. I was rooting for Lacey the whole season but I definitely thought Mame was a more worthy winner than Nyle.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Wait, is this episode their equivalent of go-see's? And do they still go abroad? I'm lost fr.
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  9. I’m not surprised, but I wish they would’ve sent Kyla home instead.
  10. Ava deserved to be top 5.
  11. What the hell was that "act like a baby" nonsense?! I wonder if when she was saying it Tyra realised how ridiculous it sounded.
  12. I don’t think they have the budget to go abroad anymore. The Last ‘abroad’ location was Vegas in cycle 22, which is only a one hour flight from LA.
  13. I SCREAMED at Law impersonating Shanice's walk. I'm glad she stayed - she has the best personality out of any girl there and I'm relieved she was granted a reprieve when it looked like they were setting her up for that black-girl-with-an-attitude-gets-humbled arc.

    Jeana's photo was a mess this week. I'm ready for her to go.
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Shows how much I've paid attention since not watching since '06. A kii.


    Wasn't fond of the edit for Rio and Jeana this week. If it was it supposed to warm me to either... well... try, try again.
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  15. Uno


    I'm glad I'm no longer the only one on the "Jeana is overrated" train. Been riding it since episode 2!

    Khrystyana really has no competition at this point.
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  16. There's just something so remote about Jeana. It's not that she has to be a bubbly party girl and I love an Ice Queen but she comes across as bland and detached when it should be icy cool.

    I think Rio is as strong a competitor as Khrystyana.
  17. Jeana & Rio are still my favorites, despite their attempts at villainous edits. Shanice is useless and has been since the first episode; I don't know why she's still there.

    As we know, Khrystyana is winning this entire thing and it's useless for them to try to edit this show as if this isn't a sure thing.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Kyla talking is resembling CEX's Heather so much.
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  19. As much as I'm not a fan of Shanice, the guy who she was working with in hair and makeup was kind of a jerk. Then when Drew came around his attitude changed completely. At the same time though, Shanice probably shouldn't have said anything and let Drew decide what needed to be done instead of trying to take control in the manner she did. I like how she apologized to Drew but then backstage blamed the hair and makeup for her attitude and flop performance... Not only that but her walk is terrible yet she seems to think it's great ... Come on girl.

    Khrystyana should have gotten best photo. Not a huge fan of Rio mainly because of her attitude but girl can work. I thought Kyla had the worst but Erin needed to go. I love her but it was time.
  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I can definitely see Rio's ability to perform, her talent, etc - but her attitude is such a turn-off. For someone that's been through so much, she's really internalized and then weaponized that against others for no productive reason. Jeana too, and their tears to me just don't ring very true considering how inconsistent their approaches have been. They're both stunning, and I understand the business doesn't necessarily care for all the things that I'm critiquing, but as far as reality television goes, their appeal is rather quite low. Sigh.

    Khrystyana has it for me, tho. She's endearing, professional, warm-hearted, and gets the job done when called upon. The only knock for me was her extra-ness when paired with the male model (it's part of the job, and will continue to be so - we can speak at depth about this should anyone care to) - but otherwise? She's golden.

    Kyla and Shanice are cute girls but yeah. CTRL + ALT + DEL x 2.
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