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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. When Fatima booked that Herve Leger ad, the first time an ANTM girl had booked such a huge job in the fashion side of the industry

  2. I remember seeing Nnenna in a McDonald's ad years ago.

    When will your faves? (Nnenna was actually not my fave).
  3. Whitney was a train wreck but was excellent TV so I didn't mind her winning honestly. I think Saleisha winning with that portfolio and that personality was a bigger farce personally. Sis should have been eliminated week three for this Godawful photo:

  4. She was very hard to root for and a terrible reality star but I live for Chantelle (Cycle 21) and her transformation into high-end superstar Winnie Harlow.

    I also live for her basically being the Jennifer Hudson of ANTM - achieving success then saying that she credits none of it to an exploitative megalomaniac who wanted to make good tv and never gave a shit about her getting opportunities to succeed - the pettiness that I adore!
  5. But her best friend was BA-LACK!!!

    Also, I was rewatching season 9 and I never noticed until now that Heather was stunning and so likeable and also good TV. At the time in 2007, when I was a pompous drunk 19 year old I had NO time for her.
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  7. This photo is like a zillion times worse than Lluvy's Pisces moment.
  8. Watching it back is a trip. Like the show blatantly sabotaging Tocarra by not having clothes in her size for the photoshoots. Or eliminating Julie for saying she wanted to go into clothes manufacturing after modelling , which is perfectly reasonable.
  9. I remember they had a photo shoot a few cycles later about how modelling doesn't last and they should be thinking about other careers. This show was wild.
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  10. As I get older, I start realising that some contestants were actually done dirty like Camille.
  11. God Kristin and Laura hated Leila in Cycle 19.

    Leila was so well adjusted and friendly. She was hated literally because it was glaringly obvious she was top model material (and she went on to be the most successful ever).

    Laura and Kristin had successes too mind you. Kristin was up front at least about her feelings
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  12. Still my favourite quote of all time.
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  13. I'm almost certain that Kacey from Cycle 15 was a model in an episode of Next In Fashion on Netflix.
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  14. She was! She did always excel at the runway challenges on antm and still looks great (not at all “old” as they kept saying on antm).

    This does not excuse her extremely questionable transphobic comments in the casting episode with Isis (when she didn’t make it) and her failure to show any remorse for them when she came back the next year!
  15. What always makes me laugh about the "you look old for your age" comments is that all those contestants look almost exactly the same all these years later. As much as Cycle 17 and Lisa winning was a shitshow, her turning up and looking barely any different than in Cycle 5 was a moment.
  16. She looked AMAZING.

    Kacey lives in the same category as Shannon as '27 Always' instead of '30 Never'.
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  17. I’ve been watching Canada’s Next Top Model on YouTube recently and it really was enjoyable despite its budget. The first season is awful (aside from Sisi) so don’t waste your time. But Cycle 2 and 3 were really great with some fantastic photos and photoshoots.

    While obviously not as iconic as its American counterpart, it still was way more enjoyable and worked its budget better than the British version.
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  18. Do you have a link?
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  19. Uno


    And they eliminated quirky ice QUEEN Victoria in her place. What a shit-show.

  20. Scream at the glitched intro during the 7th episode, how did that even happen?

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