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America's Next Top Model

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Two more have popped up

  2. ADM


    My favourite thing about these is seeing where the women are now and their husbands..
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  3. If anyone knows where one can watch Top Model (specifically Cycle 7) online can you please PM me. I was using StreamThis but from episode 3 they stopped working and I’m devastated.
  4. It's on Prime I think but you have to pay for it.
  5. I meant for free ddd.
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  6. Currently watching cycle 5 for the first time, I was going to comment about how Bre was really wise beyond her years, but then the whole granola bar debacle happened... Also, the Lisa elimination made no sense? Why they dragged Jayla along for so long is beyond me.
  7. There's always one in every season who inexplicably makes it way further than they should, and doesn't even bring entertainment, drama or a decent portfolio.
    Sara (Cycle 6, Jaeda (Cycle 7)
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  8. I know she was a part of Jade's narrative in Cycle 6, but Gina had no business going as far as she did.
  9. Keeping her over Kari just for the Jade drama to be resolved in the first 5 minutes of the next episode and be sent home anyway was enraging.

    Kathy also could have made great telly if she'd be kept a bit longer. But glad we didn't lose Furonda.
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  10. I recently rewatched Cycle 3 and the amount of levels there were to the brownie incident... Insane.
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  12. Ann: I just thought it would be funny.

    Yaya: Some people think it’s funny to kill people, that doesn’t make it funny.
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  13. I’m watching Cycle 20 for the first time, randomly. This has to be the worst of the series right? Tyra doing their makeup, the flixels (??), Kelly Cutrone, the constant stench of heterosexuality. Bin it.
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  14. I'd argue that 21 is worse, just for the fact that it had a lot of the same problems and didn't even try to fix them.

    How does everybody rank the cycles for themselves, I'm curious to see if there's a consensus for where the decline truly began?
    I think for me it was Cycle 14.
  15. I think Cycle 15 is where the show capsized - Kendal was one of the most naturally gifted models in years and... they sacrificed her for not being “versatile” when versatility was never a requirement for becoming a supermodel in my lifetime! I felt that it undermined any attempt at staying connected to the actual modelling world.

    That said, The British Invasion (18?) remains possibly my favourite of all seasons - Louise, Alisha, Annaliese... the producers really couldn’t wrangle the UK girls could they? And it made for glorious TV. I think all of those girls having gone through the process before and then working in the real world meant that they had very limited patience for the show’s bullshit!
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  16. From what I can remember:



  17. 11-15 (minus the petite cycle) really was the pre-Cuthrone rough spot.
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  18. Cycle 18 is almost single-handedly saved by the British girls. Without their commentary the season would've been dry as hell.
  19. All I know is Cycle 6 is the one.
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  20. I’m watching from start to finish for the first time (had seen a few of the episodes plus the essential bits and pieces) and I was not prepared for whiny, controlling and jealous John to be more of a character than half the cast!
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