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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. I've been rewatching the All Stars cycle this week because I'm a masochist, and god this was such a beautiful trainwreck.

    They did so many of them so dirty (Bianca, Laura, Dominique), all seemingly to boost up Angelea for her ill-fated win while ending up in the bottom some four times along the way. And the fact that Lisa was even brought back, let alone WINNING, is such a travesty.

    But yeah, the early season has some pretty messy drama, the photo shoots are particularly dire (Nene? Snooki? Hot dogs? Greek salad? Blackface???), and the guest judge list is so off the wall nonsensical that it becomes iconic.

    Anyway, Tyra needs to follow through on her wish to do one final cycle of ANTM that's an All-Stars cycle.
  2. I'm doing season 7 again, and I don't know about you @Holly Something, but jeez I forgot what a draining contestant Jaeda could be.
  3. Greek salad is an iconic shoot.
  4. Werk. your. SALAD.
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  5. Bianca and Kayla being kicked out in a double elimination because they staged a protest because production wasn't feeding the girls... iconic behaviour.
  6. Agreed. They way in several episodes they cut in confessionals of her hating her hair and not "working it" before ending up in the bottom 2... only for the other person to get sent home instead ddd.
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  7. I've settled internally that my favorite ANTM contestant is Laura Kirkpatrick. She's obviously so nice/sweet like the show wants you to think, but she's got such a strange, weird layer beneath that. It's so annoying how they sabotaged her to look sexy during All-Stars photoshoots.
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  8. The petite cycle was so iconic. Laura. Nicole being so far above everyone else that every single guest judge just kept fawning over her. Erin's chaotic energy. Tyra's obssession with having the girls look as small as possible and having them wear flats at judging, contradicting every single bit of advice she's ever given. The very ill-advised biracial butterfly shoot. Jennifer vs. her eyes. etc.
  9. This cycle truly is ANTM firing on all cylinders. Can you imagine if Amber, the proverbial Mentos in a coca-cola bottle, had actually made it into the house? It may have literally burned down.
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  10. One of my fav cycles. Nicole bodied it.
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  11. I often revisit the moment when Louise dragged Kelly Cutrone to the pits of hell and decided she was better than this show. No, no, no, no, you were rude to me.
  12. The way it made me loathe Cutrone almost the second she joined the show...
  13. If I saw her on the street I'd KNOCK HER AHT

    She was also very messes with the wrong judge. I watch this video for the cringe on a monthly basis.
  14. I skipped most of the Kelly seasons (dropped out somewhere during the college season, and then watched the most recent cycle), but the ANTM subreddit sleuthing this week and all talking about Kelly Cutrone farting on camera has officially ended me.

  15. Demi Lovato whomst?
  16. This is so laughably sad for everybody involved. Louise stays winning.
  17. I don't have an official top 5 but I'm pretty sure that Laura would be in it.
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  18. I am reading Kelly Cutrone's wikipedia page instead of doing any work and I did not realise she sold her PR business at one stage to become a tarot card reader.
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  19. That was my first job after school. You can earn a lot from those cards.
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  20. Moved back to a rewatch of Cycle 1, and god it's such a trip.

    The editing! The weirdly sedated, inaudible Tyra! The hotel room judgings! The 4–5 panel members at the 3-inch long judging table!

    I think what's really been tripping me up is how little the girls at large in this cycle actually care about the show itself, the panel's advice, or just about anything else. It's so refreshing for them not to scream anytime Tyra walks on screen.
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