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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Uno


    I wanted to stop watching All-Stars the second they eliminated Brittany but didn't actually stop until they did Bre and Bianca dirty. That whole season was a nightmare.
  2. Does anyone have a legal way to watch all the seasons? The ones on iTunes and Amazon are so limited
  3. I'm watching them on Hulu in the USA. I think it's everything but the final two cycles, and then Netflix US has a couple of later cycles as well.
  4. Having the nerve to pretend no one in the audience knew who Brittany was when she was one of the most iconic girls of classic ANTM due to a great personality and great photos... the audacity.
  5. I should have specified I'm in the UK, the early seasons are impossible to find!
  6. Sent a link to your PM's, sis!
  7. Thanks sis but I said a legal way
  8. I maintain that the show's only unwatchable season is Cycle 21. The fact that my favourite from the season ended up being murdered like a year after the show aired really says it all about my feeling about that shit show.

    Cycle 22 was one of the biggest rebounds I've ever seen a show make, it's great.
  9. New interviews with Jayla and Stacy-Ann

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  10. I was never that bothered by Lisa during her seasons (Bar some eye-roll moments), but some of the things she says in her interview with Oliver here are really out-of-pocket.

  11. Post-show she's always been this way, even though it was justified after her mistreatment on cycle 5, but even after being handed an undeserved cheque she's been spewing bile about fellow contestants, none of who mysteriously seem to like her or validate her ramblings.
  12. I've been rewatching seasons with my boyfriend who has never seen it and his top 3 predictions at the beginning of each cycle are WILD. We just finished Cycle 1 and he was convinced the top 3 would be Ebony, Kesse and Nicole, with Ebony winning. He also thinks Elyse should've won the whole thing as she was "by far the best model" whereas I found her super overrated.
  13. Lisa's "My way or the highway" saga continues.
  14. Oh my God. Oliver's interview with Adam is one of the most severe car crash incidents I've witnessed in years. The cringe factor is off the scale. At one point Adam starts stripping and Oliver cheers put loud...until he notices a certain tattoo on Adam's back. It's so uncomfortable to watch.
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  15. I think I tapped out about 10 minutes into the video - I could tell that it was going to be a long chat.
    How bad does it get, and what tattoo?
  16. There are a million and one ANTM podcasts out there but none of the ones I've listened to have been very good. I actually think Jade would not be as interesting as we would hope. At the time I thought she was an actress hamming it up, but now I think she was actually very genuine and probably doesn't have that much insight into her behaviour.
  17. From what I could see before I also switched off, a very racist tattoo.
  18. I agree, but having Willam and Alaska as producers could make it at least much funnier than most podcasts about, and could entice more girls to come on and chat.

    I think you’re right about Jade but guessing from her lack of presence on social media and reality TV in general ever since implies she was maybe embarrassed about her behaviour which could lead to an interesting and reflective interview. Or it could be 50 minutes of her saying “I really believed I was the undiscovered supermodel and they absolutely did me dirty with that makeover.” Either way, it’d be nice to hear from her for the nostalgia alone.
  19. Nn he clocked Eva The Diva as the winner in episode 1 of Cycle 3.
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