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Amerie - 4AM Mulholland/After 4AM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BreatheBox, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. didn't see a thread for this and i LOVE IT SO MUCH

  2. Yesss ! Both EP’s have been on repeat all day . Eventho I feel too much auto tune was added in certain areas the songs are really good . “Curious” is EVERYTHING !
  3. i felt like the vocal effects are used nicely not gonna lie (to me!) and yes curious is SO GOOD
  4. Oh wow. These are indeed great?
  5. On one very quick listen through I prefer After 4AM but I have to agree with the Curious love!

    All the songs on 4AM Mulholland sounded a bit samey? I think I just need a few more listens
  6. Can't wait to listen to this. Amerie was my first fav so she'll always have a place in my heart.
  7. I can’t get past Curious. What a song!
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  8. Haven’t made my way all the way through both yet, but yes, ‘Curious’ is fire.
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  9. I feel like the effects work better on some songs than others, but on the whole both EPs make for entrancing listens.
  10. When were these released? I don't know how they escaped me. She's so good!
  11. Friday, so you haven't missed too much!
  12. Not a Love Song has been in my head all day. She did a good job with this, way better than I'd have expected.
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  13. “Not a Love Song” and “A Heart’s for the Breaking” are bubbling to the top of 4AM Mulholland for me. Have barely touched After 4AM so far.

    Some updates from her instagram live yesterday -
    • She’s touring Australia in February and plans to do a UK tour
    • She’s throwing around ideas for visuals for the albums/a music video
    • She’s already recording new music
    • Cymatika is “still coming” as she feels its sound isn’t rooted in a particular time (I’ll believe it when I hear it)
    I’m happy for her, though genuinely wonder how she gets the funds for all this!?
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  14. Maybe she invested well? Or maybe the YouTube money is even better than I thought.
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  15. pdf


  16. Confused how everyone thinks these are expensive productions? Every track basically sounds the same and they all sound like she recorded them in her bathroom on an app on her phone.
  17. ?no one said they thought it's expensive productions??? we (i for instance) just thought that the production was really nice... not exactly expensive nor cheap
  18. While very “samey” and a bit trend chasing, there’s several great tracks here. Nice to see her getting critical acclaim, just wish her artwork were better!
  19. I was actually gonna say I really like the artwork because it's not overproduced - it looks quite raw and intimate. There's something very 'indie' about it. I'm a fan
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  20. I particularly love the 'After 4am' cover.
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