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Amerie - 4AM Mulholland/After 4AM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BreatheBox, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Just stumbled upon these. Nice to have her back.
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  2. Queen of fifty dollar video budgets! The nod to “1 Thing” is a nice touch.
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  3. She looks so beautiful!
  4. pdf


  5. Listened to both and they sound so good!
    Love the cover art too.

    My favourites are Curious off 4am Mulholland and Don't Say A Word on After 4am. I'd have never known about this release if it wasn't for here!
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  6. #content
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  7. The R&B Bop Queens Rate, featuring the biggest bops and discography highlights by Amerie and seven other iconic R&B acts, is now open. Feel free to join!​

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  8. I'm just here to use this as an Amerie appreciation thread, because I'm currently relaxing to her debut album and GOD it's so perfect.

    A timeless, summery album. Almost makes me feel like this summer could be a good one.
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  9. My favorite album ever. I still listen to All I Have and Craig David's debut all the time.
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