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Amy MacDonald - Under Stars (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sprockrooster, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Amy MacDonald is coming 17-02-17 finally with her next effort. Not sure if I am the only fan from her on this forum, but she deserves a thread nonetheless. I have been revisiting her first two discs mostly, a lot these past years and I glad the drought is finally seeming to be over. It is nice of her to want to be in playboy and fast cars, but I want the music. And then I found this in my mailbox:

    "It's been about 2 and a half years in the making which is the longest I've ever taken with an album. At the time I wanted things to happen quicker but now that it's finished I'm glad we've taken the time; it feels like it's had the TLC that it deserves. I feel so proud of the songs and am so pleased with the record. There are so many incredible moments and I really feel this record features some of my best work. I'm excited to finally share it with my fans and I believe there is so much that will also appeal to new fans."

    Down By The Water (acoustic) is our first tease of what is yet to come.

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  2. Yes there's been a few Amy threads for different albums and singles so she does have some fans on here. I'll end up buying this record no doubt like I did the others. Never anything exciting with Amy but usually a set of solid well crafted songs. She's pretty much the biggest selling UK female throughout Europe over the past several years I'd imagine.
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  3. I love Down by the Water and already downloaded it. And since the release, I revisited her previous records and I'm currently listening to her discography on repeat.
    So glad she is back!
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  4. Her debut was absolutely magnificent and I have LAST FM to back me up as it is my second most listened album. Only behind Lana Del Rey's Born To Die: The Paradise Edition (which has twice as much tracks). And when I rated and ranked my albums it managed to be in my all-time top 5. So that debut is out of this world. Let's Start A Band has to be all-time favourite track from her. Other faves are 'Youth Of Today', 'Footballer's Wives' and ofcourse 'This Is The Life'.

    I am sad that she suffered second album syndrom (also at first with me), but I brought that album with me to Africa and it came alive for me "No Roots", "What Happiness To Me", "An Ordinary Life" and "Give It All Up" healed me from a nasty homesick experience. I will always link that album to that moment.

    Her third album is very weak and I understand why it underperformed, but I still like some tracks. So I am definitely ready for a return to form and I think the long wait can provide exactly that!
  5. She was in Playboy?!
  6. I can't wait to hear it.
    I hope it's like A Curious Thing, LIABL wasn't that great for me.
  7. She expressed interest in that at a venue where she was prancing her fast cars among all the other cars from mostly the testosteron also present. So it was more goofy than serious (I hope).
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  8. I enjoyed her first two albums especially the stellar debut, I never bothered getting the third after hearing some of it at a friends house and not liking what I heard. Down by the water is a nice track, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread.
  9. Her debut was brilliant.
  10. I agree with most of this, her albums don't usually give you many surprises, but she doesn't put filler songs on them either.
    As for biggest selling female pop singer from the UK - I wish I could say it's her, but what about Ellie Goulding (she had mediocre sales in 2010/11 maybe, but after that?)
  11. Adele?

    Ellie has had bigger sales in Europe than Amy.
  12. No one fares well when compared to Adele. Poor everyone else.
  13. I love love her second album, the lyrics just get inside my dead rat skin. Her third album however didn't do anything for me. I am excited still for what she will be putting out this time around!
  14. omg I just completely forgot about Adele, of course! Where is my mind today..didn't she break some record with '25'?

    Well I just hope Amy gets sales that are decent enough to get us a European tour.
  15. It's mental that she's sold so many records while still flying under the radar over here. Good on her I guess.
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  16. "Down by the Water" sounds great, I'm looking forward to the proper version.
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  17. When she gets it right, she gets it so right.

    Her tone, lyrics and melodies can collide to something very special every now and then.
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  18. Down By The Water is growing on me fast.

    I like this promo strategy. Especially after all those years from the third album, which the general public also missed, it is nice to tease your way into the spotlight again.
  19. She broke like every possible record.

    I loved the third record, come on Amy, give us a European Tour.
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  20. She heard my prayer and announced the European Tour this morning.

    Sun 5 March 2017 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht,Netherlands
    Mon 6 March 2017 AB, Brussels, Belgium
    Tue 7 March 2017 Le Trianon, Paris, France
    Wed 8 March 2017 E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
    Fri 10 March 2017 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Sat 11 March 2017 Pier 2,Bremen, Germany
    Sun 12 March 2017 Luxembourg Rockhal, Luxembourg
    Tue 14 March 2017 Gasometer,Vienna, Austria
    Wed 15 March 2017 Tonhalle, Munich, Germany
    Fri 17 March 2017 Samsung Hall, Zurich, Switzerland
    Sun 19 March 2017 Emsland Arena, Lingen, Germany
    Mon 20 March 2017 Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
    Tue 21 March 2017 Lucerna Music Bar, Prague 1, Czech Republic
    Thu 23 March 2017 Palladium, Warsaw, Poland
    Fri 24 March 2017 MTP2, Poznan, Poland
    Sat 25 March 2017 Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

    Tickets will go on sale on Friday. Luxembourg tickets will be bought on friday then.
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