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Amy Shark - Love Monster (debut album July 2018)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Now a top 40 hit in Australia (I think you mentioned this one @Euphoria). This is amazing. Indie folk a la Alanis when she was good meets Lorde-like electronic pop.
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  2. Aww, yesss!

    One of my favorite & most played tracks of last year! People need to get on board with this!
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  3. This is the next european smash hit. It's amazing.
  4. #2 best songs of 2016 on Australia's biggest radio Triple j
  5. Number three in Australia now. This song is coming for us in 2017!
  6. New tune 'Weekends' is rather good.
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  8. Great song. I think I like Weekends way more than Adore.
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  10. Oh I've seen her around Spotify. Very good!
  11. I've seen her on Spotify too. 'Weekends' is amazing!
  12. I'm trying hard to love the song but not quite doing it for me. But we need more artists like her. I await her next single with interest.
  13. EP is out today and rather good.
  14. 'Weekends' has been number 1 in my Popdroid-chart. You can check them in the 'Charts'-section here at Popjustice. Response has been very calm so far
  15. New video for 'Drive You Mad'.
  16. A friend discovered her and took me to her show in Berlin last weekend and she is really good. Great energy on stage and Blood Brothers is a certified bop. Adore is great too and the whole EP is very promising. She made herself a new fan.

    Blood Brothers is something that wouldn't sound too out of place on 1989 or Body Talk or some Carly record. Give it a listen.
  17. The EP is really good. Excited to hear more from her.
  18. Just found her due to her EP having a banner on iTunes. I've listened to some of the iTunes previews and they sound pretty decent. I may just get this EP.
  19. I found myself here because ‘Adore’ featured in the late night special episode of ‘NeIghbours’ this week and I instantly fell in love with it. What a song.
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