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Amy Shark - Love Monster (debut album July 2018)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. She's awesome isn't she?
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  2. Izzy Hoyland ha impact.
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  3. Neighbours: breaking pop stars since 1988!

    I've seen her at a few festivals over the Summer and she's a great live performer. Blood Brothers is my favourite song off her EP, and I'm really looking forward to what she comes out with next. She's got some serious label support behind her, and seems to have been working with Jack Antonoff and Mark Hoppus among others.
  4. This is still my favorite Amy Shark single.

  5. She has a new song on the Love Simon soundtrack. Written by Julia Michaels, Benjamin Berger and Ryan McMahon (both from Captain Cuts), and produced by Jack Antonoff.

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  6. Why exactly aren't Adore, Blood Brothers, Weekends and Drive You Mad world wide smash hits? Why isn't everybody crying their hearts out to Adore Piano Version (not Aciustic. Piano. It's perfect)? Where is the love on this planet?

    I'm seeing her this weekend. Can't wait. First show in October was a blast. I also met her after and she's super nice.
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  7. Could you point me to this? Love Amy and can't believe how much the rest of the world is sleeping on her!
  8. I only found it on Spotify so far.

    And yes I know. She’s gorgeous. Hopefully she’s not too old for a big breakthrough seeing how radio is today.
  9. Apparently she's an '86 baby.
  10. Which makes her above 30 which would sadly be considered old for a newcomer no?
  11. Lead single 'I SAID HI' off her debut album is out today:

    Album 'Love Monster' is out 13 July.

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  12. I Said Hi is great.

    Album will be 14 tracks, including Adore.
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  13. Why does everything look so cheaply made.

    Really.. Love Monster?
  14. I really like the cover picture and I'm more than happy that she has a release date now. Love Monster is not perfect as a title but I Said Hi really is a great song and already stuck in my head. It has a catchy rhythm although a bit cliché pop-rap-song, a nice melody and combines quite many of her qualities in terms of songwriting. I love how she managed to write about her specific feelings towards the industry but made it sound so universal.

    Really looking forward to the album.

    I really really hope she finds some success because so far everything she put out deserved it.
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  15. An album? I’m excited.
  16. Finally.

    I guess it's mostly new stuff besides Adore. Leave Us Alone was great live, can't wait for the studio version.

    EDIT: I'm listening to my playlist with all offically released songs by her. It's like a quite amazing short ten track album. Not one dud.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Great soundtrack and this was a real surprise! I love how warm her voice is.
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  18. I love this song! Just checking out the rest of her stuff and I'm really into her dreamy mid tempo synthpop sound. Love her voice.
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  19. Oooh I am very on board with all of this.

    ...why the hell is the vinyl $50?
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