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Amy Shark - Love Monster (debut album July 2018)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. I Said Hi is nice.

    I’m excited for the album though.
  2. I fucking adore the Love, Simon song. That is how you do retro pop.
  3. I can't stop playing Sink In. I hope it's on her album and there are some more midtempo bops like this on there.
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  4. I said hi seems to be doing really well in Australia. Currently number 1 on iTunes in a week with quite a few single releases.

    Looking forward to the album.
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  5. Love her!
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  6. Its great to have a 31 year old songstress. I Said Hi is so apt.
  7. I Said Hi sucks. It comes off as whiny/annoying while Adore at least has some nuance to it. Adore's still her best song.
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  8. I Said Hi is OK but not on a par with Adore or Sink In.

  9. It's not her best song, but I like that she's already established such a distinct style. Loving the early 00's sound.
  10. I love it actually.
  11. I also love it now. Don't Turn Around needs to grow a bit but it's a new tone for her. She sounds a bit defeated and powerless. On purpose obviously. I expect big things from her album. She's amazing live and I can't wait to see her again. Also I'm 100 percent sure she could be big having the right breaking point. If you collect her previous releases you have a very, very strong album with some big pop songs.
  12. She's so precious. I'm glad I Said Hi is doing well in Australia, I hope she gets to stay around a long time.
  13. Can’t wait for the album. Not able to listen to psycho now but it will be the first thing when I’m done with work.
  14. As a big fan of her EP, she's kinda losing me with the new singles... Hope the album is better.
  15. I Said hi has made me a fan of Amy and the two promo singles are great as well especially physco. I never expected to like her as I hated adore and still do.

    Her music is reminding me of early 00’s and Avril. It’s a nice change to hear this type of music on the radio a lot.
  16. It's nice but only I said Hi is amazing. the rest is just average
  17. The album is out (there) and All Loved Up is very Taylor-esque.. but that's probably because it was co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff.
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  18. Is there anything close to the synthpop perfection of Sink In on there? That's my favourite Amy song but I think it may be a one off in her discography in terms of sound.
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